Bangkok is regarded as the kingdom of tourism with the palatial temples, the crowded shopping centers and the wonderful food. Reaching to Bangkok, you will be deeply impressed by both the traditional and ancient beauty of Buddhist country in combination with the modern and busy features of the first-class capital city in Asia. Explore the following useful things to do in Bangkok and then spend your holiday in this admirable city!

The best time to get to Bangkok

The tourism season in Bangkok often begins from the middle of October in this year to April in the next year. This is the most wonderful time for you to travel to Bangkok because at this time the weather is so cool and very suitable for outside tourism. In Bangkok, the coolest time is from November to February; however, at this time Bangkok welcomes a great number of tourists from all over the world that leads the cost to highly increase. So, if you don’t like the denseness, you should travel in October or March because the city will not too crowded and busy; the weather is cool and the cost is not too expensive, too.

Attractive destinations in Bangkok

Wat PhoTemple

Wat Pho Temple

Wat Pho Temple

Bangkok in particular and Thailand in general are known as the kingdom of temples and pagodas. In addition, this is famous as the cradle of Buddhism. Although you come from any countries and religions, this is also a special occasion for you to learn about Buddhism, especially Wat Pho Temple, the most ancient and biggest pagoda in Bangkok with the history of 200 years. With the area of 80.000m2, Wat Pho Temple is extremely famous for the 46m long and 15m high gold-inlaid Buddhist state regarded as the tourism symbol of Bangkok in particular and Thailand in general.

Coming here, you not only get chances to enquire about the ancient history of Buddhism in Thailand, burn the incense sticks and pray the best wishes in your life, but you can also visit, join the traditional activities of the temple and explore the unique Buddhist architecture that creates the solemnity and formality for this first-class architectural monument. Besides, this temple is also known as the birthplace of Thai traditional massage. You will experience this wonderful relaxing methodology or learn about the origin as well as the tips for relaxing when joining a massage course in this temple. It will be fully great if you spend your time at the end of the day to enjoy this comfortable feeling with the useful methodologies here.

Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew

Grand Palace

Grand Palace

Nowadays, Thailand has maintained the royal systems and regulations, so a special thing is that most of people coming to Bangkok do not also forget to visit the Grand Palace. The Grand Palace consists of the adjacent relics such as: Chitralada Palace, Royal Palace, Huy Hoang Palace, etc. With the area of 218.400m2 and the wall length of 1900m, the Grand Palace is a majestic symbol of the Kingdom of Thailand. The architecture of Grand Palace is designed with the two main zones including the Palace and Wat Phra Kaew (Buddhist pagoda). The Palace is the place to hold the important meetings and welcome the Presidents in the world coming to Thailand in the most ceremonial rituals of Thai Royalty.

For this reason, this destination is always the pride of Thai people. Another place in this relic is Wat Phra Kaew (also called Yellow Pagoda), the most sacred pagoda in Thailand. With the area of 945.000m2 and hundreds of the unique and ancient architectural monuments, Yellow pagoda is really an indispensable destination for tourists from all over the world, especially to explore the famous architectural masterpieces in this pagoda.

Jim Thompson’s House
Jim Thompson’s House is one of perfect architectural monuments built and completed in 1956 by an American businessman and spy named Jim Thompson. This house is not only strongly impressed by the unique architecture in combination between Thai style and the Western designs. It reminds you both the nostalgia of the old period in Thailand and the modernity and luxury of the Western style. You will feel as if you lost in the ancient world as in the old black-and-white films that you ever watched.

Jim Thompson’s House

Jim Thompson’s House

Khaosan Road
Perhaps, this street is an interesting destination that you should not ignore when coming to Bangkok. You will mix yourself with the free and comfortable atmosphere here along with many other tourists. This place focuses on many stores, food stalls along the street, bars, especially this place is an ideal site for anyone loving shopping with the cheap cost. This street is called as a “sleepless street”. Why is it called such that? Because the shops, bars and food stalls here nearly open all days and nights. At night, Khaosan Road is full of lights and music.

People come here not only to enjoy the delicious drinks and food, but also to enjoy the wonderful music, make friends and make the most of their lives. The atmosphere here is really great, that will make you forget all your unhappy things in your life to immerse in the interesting sounds and exciting spaces. In addition, there are a lot of other famous destinations such as: Bangkok Klongs Canal, Wat Arun Temple, Ayutthaya, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Chatuchak Market, National Museum, Dusit Park, etc.

A corner of Khaosan Street

A corner of Khaosan Street

Shopping in Bangkok

Bangkok is known as a busy city and a shopping paradise of the world. It’s said that people often reach to Bangkok with an empty suitcase and come back with a full one. I think that you understand what this means. Almost the shopping centers or markets in Bangkok also have all the things you need from clothes, jewelries, souvenirs, footwear, bags, electric furniture, etc. Furthermore, it also includes the convenient wrapping and delivery services with the reasonable price. Besides, there are a lot of famous shopping centers in Bangkok that is proper for the believer of fashion that you should refer to: Siam Paragon, MBK shopping center Bangkok, Terminal 21 Bangkok, Central Chidlom, etc.

Some notes for you:

– Don’t worry about the language carriers because almost signals here are not only written in Thai,but also in English enclosed with the illustration.
– You should wear the polite clothes when entering the pagodas or temples in Bangkok because these places are very sacred and solemn.
– You can find it easy to enjoy all types of Thai street food at the “food court” (also called as “food stall”) in all the big commercial centers with the reasonable cost and services.
– You should choose the green taxi when catching a taxi at the airports and should not choose the pink taxi because of its expensive cost.

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Tours in Bangkok

Discover Bangkok 4 Days 3 Nights

Chao Phraya River

People usually know Bangkok is a bustle city. However is also contain really valuable aspects like history, culture and custom of local people which remain from generation to generation. “Discover Bangkok 4 days tour” will let you discover such the above aspects and let you have real experience than people just know it as a bustle modern city in Asia. You won’t be waste any minute with our experience tour guide who are a local people with passion of introducing his city to the world.


Experience Bangkok In Style 5 Days

Damnoen Saduak Floating MarketIt’s really like the name of tour, you will have really experience in interesting aspects rather than a bustle modern city like history, culture and custom of local people which is prevented through many generations of Thai people. Moreover the tour will let you visit the most highlights around this city like ancient kingdom Ayuthaya and visit the life of floating market at Damnoen Saduak in Ratchaburi Province. This product is creating by our passion local team who love introducing their homeland to travellers in the worlds so you won’t need to search any other information of this city than what includes in this perfect product within 5 days in Bangkok.