When mentioning to Paris, a famous capital of France, you cannot forget Eiffel Tower, a mighty symbol of France in particular and of Europe in general, or when someone tells you about Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, what are appearing immediately in your mind? They are many old pagodas and temples that bring you the feelings as if you were living in a country of Buddhism. So when referring to Hanoi, a one-thousand year cultural capital of Vietnam, a small beautiful country shaped “S” located in the Southeast Asia, what things remind you to it? Hanoi Capital brings the modern beauty like many European countries in combination with the traditional ancient features. Being a “follower” of tourism, how do you think about a trip to explore the attractive destinations in this nice city? That sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? If all the things I mentioned above make you curious or simply only a little bit, try to experience with our useful suggestions as follows.

1. The best time to get to Hanoi

Hanoi features the typical climate of the North of Vietnam with the tropical monsoon climate. The hot weather and rainy season often last from May to September; the cold weather and dry season often last from November in this year to March in the next year. The weather in Hanoi is nice all year round, so you can reach here any time you want. Spring is the season of fresh trees and flowers, the starting season of a lucky and advantageous year according to Vietnamese’s conception. Summer in the North of Vietnam is also quite hot; however, it’s extremely proper for the adventure trips, cruises on the sea, and journeys to the beaches, etc. Perhaps, autumn is the most wonderful time to come here. It starts from the beginning of September to the end of November. In this season, the weather is so cool and suitable for all types of tourism. To explore Hanoi and enjoy the hot food in the winter is also interesting experiences that make you never forget.

2. Going around Hanoi

Located in the North of Vietnam, Hanoi Capital is a big political, cultural, socio-economic and educational center of the North in particular and of Vietnam in general. With the convenient location, advantageous climate and the beautiful landscape, Hanoi is compared with a sparkling pearl of the Southeast Asia.

Flag Tower of Hanoi

Flag Tower of Hanoi

Reaching to Hanoi, the first thing to do is to visit all the landscapes and famous sites in this dreamlike city. You should start your trip with the famous places attached to the heroic history of Vietnam. You should visit the populations including Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh’s Stilt House, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Ba Dinh Square at first. All these sites also attaches to Uncle Ho, the Great Father and Politic Leader of Vietnam, who sacrificed his whole life for the independence and unity of our nation. Coming here, you will get chances to study about the unyielding struggling history of Vietnam, concurrently, have brief information about the life and the revolutionary and political cause as well as the lofty sacrifice of Uncle Ho, a venerable and respectable president of Vietnam. Next, you should pay your visit to Sword Lake. You can take a stroll around the lake, enjoy the fresh and cool atmosphere, visit and sightsee the ancient beauty of Turtle Tower, Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge, take photos with your friends or family and learn about the famous legend about Sword Lake and its special name. Also, you should visit the Temple of Literature built in 1070 at the time of King Ly Nhan Tong and known as the first university of Vietnam. With the large campus, the Temple of Literature maintains a lot of old items on display such copper drums, memorial steles, etc and cultural and historical features. In addition, you can visit a lot of other famous places such as Flag Tower of Hanoi, Hanoi Old Quarter, Hanoi Opera House, Hanoi Church, West Lake, etc.

3. Special dishes of Hanoi

Coming to Hanoi, except exploring the exciting sites here, you also get an occasion to enjoy the famous special food of Hanoi. Hanoi is famous for the food paradise with the cheap and delicious special dishes. Hanoi’s people have a long-standing traditional cuisine that brings the soul of the country and contributes to create a various cuisine of Vietnam. If having an occasion, you should not ignore Thanh Tri rolled rice cake, a famous food of Hanoi in general and special dish of Thanh Tri Ward, Hoang Mai District in particular. The second food is “Pho” of Hanoi, a famous dish that no one forgets to enjoy when coming to Hanoi. “Pho” is cooked in many different ways, but the traditional way of Hanoi cooks brings the most delicious taste. People often enjoy “Pho” with some typical spices such as sauces with lemon, garlic and chilli; and some vegetables such as spring onion, coriander, etc. You can also enjoy other dishes such as Cha Ca La Vong (La Vong grilled fish pies), Green sticky rice of Vong village, Bun Thang (“Ladder” soft noodle soup), West Lake Shrimp Pancake, etc. Each dish has a separate flavor, separate history that make it become more and more special. Furthermore, the street food in Hanoi is extremely popular and various. You can catch the image of the mobile food stalls on the sidewalks along the streets of Hanoi. This is actually an incomparable cultural characteristic that strongly features Hanoi in comparison with other cultures in the world. How do you feel when both standing on the street, enjoying the food and sightsee the streams of people busily passing by, or sitting and sipping lemon tea in the stalls in front of Hanoi Church in a cool evening? It’s so wonderful, right? If getting a chance to reach to Hanoi, our beautiful capital and enjoying the special food here, I believe that you will never forget it.

Phở Hanoi

“Pho” Hanoi

4.shopping in Hanoi

Coming to Hanoi, beside going around the city and enjoying the food, you should not ignore to go shopping in this city. Unlike other shopping centers, Hanoi brings the uniqueness for any tourists. You should not forget to take a stroll around the Night Market in Hanoi Old Quarter every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening from 6pm to 11pm to experience this cultural features existing for the long time. In addition, you should visit Hang Ma Street, the busiest place of selling the decorations in Hanoi; Quang Ba Flower Night Market, an original culture in the lives of Hanoi’s people: this market opens all the night, attracts a lot of people and concurrently expresses the crowded nightlife of people here; Van Phuc Silk Village, the silk trading center of Hanoi that keeps many traditional beauty of the old Hanoi’s people; Bat Trang Ceramic Village, an exciting cultural destination of Hanoi, Dong Xuan Market.

Each journey also brings the new things for those who love travelling, but I’m sure that it will not stop only in the new things if you come to Hanoi, even once. Although I know that each person will have different feelings about any destinations that they went by, Hanoi always incredibly attracts the “believers” of tourism, and I think that it also attracts you like that. Take a short journey to Hanoi, why not?

Tours in Hanoi

Hanoi City Tour
It is said that tour to Southeast Asia is believed to be incompleted unless you visit Hanoi where is known as the “Paris of the East”. A visit to Hanoi will let you explore the hidden beauty of the Northern region.You can book Hanoi Tour Package withTravel Sense Asia. The incredible vivacity and intense charisma of the Asian Colonial Capital will leave you spellbound the moment you will arrive here. Hanoi Tours allows you get an insight into e the culture and the history that has been attracting visitors from all over the world. Set yourself for a journey that will leave lasting impression on your mind. See details

Perfume Pagoda day trip
Perfume Pagoda day trip
Chua Huong is the overall architectural harmony which creator endowed for humans. There have many temples, mountains, hills, streams, forests which natural brings to this land. Natural beauty blends with hand labor of human create a beautiful landscape. However, Chua Huong’s festival is an indispensable beauty in the traditions of Vietnam because this is the place to keep the traditional cultural values of ethnic and this is the journey back to the realm of Buddha of Vietnamese
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A day in the green village
A day in the green villageGreen is a very peaceful and alluring village of Hanoi’s suburb. This is only 13 km from the old quarter, follow a small dike through Red delta, we will reach this Green village.
The bonsai and the flowers are seen everywhere here. This is not the main work of the local but it brings the highest income for them as most bonsai and flowers in Hanoi are imported from here. The relics from 18th century still remain without any renovations….
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Hanoi & Halong Bay 4 days
Halong bayThis tour HaNoi & HaLong Bay 4 days is a impress tour with many interesting experiences. The charming Hanoi with the unique culture that only you can feel: foods and snacks in the street, drink fresh beer (Bia hoi), structures architecture and especialy, local people is very friendly. After that, moving to Ha Long Bay ( one of seven nature wonders in the world) where was called the neverland in Vietnam. That’s so wonderful in Halong Bay. You have great time in the heaven Halong Bay. Cruising around the Bay,relax on a white sandy beach at Hon Co island and enjoy the nature here. See details