Have you chosen any countries or types of tourism for your holiday? Do you like adventure tours or cruise tour, trekking tour or market tour, modern destinations or ancient destinations? If you have not chosen any tour for your holiday after your hard working days, I would like to recommend you Hoi An, an ancient town located in the Middle of Vietnam, concurrently a new and attractive destination that should be the best choice in your tourism map. To help your journey more advantageous, the following are things to do in Hoi An.

The best time to visit Hoi An

The best time for you to travel to Hoi An is from February to May. At this time, the weather here is so cool and it’s very suitable for your holiday. However, I don’t mean that travelling in other times is not good. In general, you can come here in any your free times and whenever you are ready for such wonderful trip. If you have chances, reach to Hoi An on the 14th every month to join the festival of Hoi An Ancient Town. On this occasion, you can join many folk games, enjoy the delicious dishes, listen to the traditional songs and especially sightsee the coloful lanterns spreading throughout the streets and the streams of crowded people gathering here to join the festival.

Attractive destinations in Hoi An

Along with some famous tourist areas such as Venice, Rome, Paris, Singapore, etc, Hoi An Ancient Town is also ranked the 26th of 50 destinations that tourists should visit even once in their life according to the latest publication of Huffingtonpost Journal, U.S. To help your trip become more advantageous, I would like to suggest you some interesting sites for your itinerary.

Hoian City

Coming to Hoi An, the first destination you cannot ignore is Hoi An Ancient Town. Located about 30 km from Da Nang City to the southeast, Hoi An Ancient Town is a proper destination for people who want to escape from the busy and crowded urban life. There are about 1360 relics here in which 1068 old houses, 19 pagodas, 23 temples, 11 ancient wells, 44 ancient tombs, etc. However, there are some following typical destinations that you should visit in Hoi An. Firstly, you should pay your visit Cau Pagoda, an architectural symbol of Hoi An. Cau Pagoda is also called as Japan pagoda because it was built by a Japanese businessman in the middle 16th century. This pagoda is a priceless heritage of Hoi An and now it’s officially chosen to be the symbol of Hoi An. Next, you should visit some old houses such as Quan Thang old house, Tan Ky old house. In addition, you also come to Hoi An Cultural and Historical Museum, a monument built in 1989. This is a showcase of more than 212 objects made ​​of ceramic, porcelain, copper, etc relating to the development period of Hoi An in the time of Sa Huynh Culture. Moreover, you can take a stroll or ride a bike around Hoi An Ancient Town to explore the peaceful beauty of this Ancient Capital of Vietnam as well as the simple and rustic lives of people living surrounding here. Besides, you can spend some days to take a rest in Cua Dai Beach or the Cham Islands. Cua Dai Beach is located about 5 km from Hoi An Ancient Town to the east. This is an extremely quiet beach and proper for holiday. And the Cham Islands, located about 15 km from Cua Dai Beach, was recognized as the biosphere reservation zone of the world by UNESCO. With the 8 small islands, the cool climate all year round and a variety of flora system, the Cham Islands is an ideal destination for those loving the adventures and exciting activities. It’s rare when Hoi An still maintains the old architectural relics such as the old streets, houses, temples, pagodas, ancient tombs, etc. In addition, the architectural style in Hoi An is also appreciated because of the traditional features of Vietnam in combination with the cross cultural communication with other Eastern and Western countries. Passing by many years, Hoi An still keeps the unique traditional customs and the old cultural beliefs of the old Hoi An people.

Enjoying Hoi An’s food

cao lau hoian

An outstanding thing is that Hoi An people extremely love the street food. For them, that brings them the comfort and the satisfaction, concurrently helps them forget the tiredness in the life. Almost tourists when travelling to Hoi An also like this simple, but comfortable style. On any corners of Hoi An Streets, you can also catch the small restaurants or the food stalls with a number of special local dishes such as rice with chicken, a simple, but very special food of the Middle of Vietnam (you can enjoy it in some famous food stalls on Phan Chu Trinh, Hoang Dieu and Le Loi Streets; “Quai Vac’ Cake (also called as “rose cake”), a type of cake cooked quite complexly and its appearance looks like the white roses; “Cao Lau” – Hoi An style food with pork or shrimp and many other ingredients; Quang noodle, featured food of Quang Nam in particular and the Middle of Vietnam in general; curried noodle, beef noodle, etc cooked following the recipe of Hoi An people. Moreover, there are so many other types of delicious snacks that always attract anyone to enjoy even once.

Shopping in Hoi An

Perhaps, you do not know that Hoi An is known as the paradise of souvenirs. There are a lot of interesting items to buy here such as lanterns, silk clothes, handicrafts, embroideries, souvenirs, etc. These items may be either expensive or cheap that depends on your clever bargain. You can also book to buy these items as required, for example, when you want to book a set of clothes in Hoi An, you need to choose the type of material first, and then you choose the model, pattern and proper colors. After all, you can take it complete and satisfactory only after some hours later. Another interesting item as I recommended is the lantern. Hoi An seems to be the kingdom of colorful and brilliant lanterns. Any tourists coming here also feel overwhelmed in this various lantern world. You can buy them to make small but lovely gifts for your family and friends with the reasonable price. Furthermore, some souvenirs such as leather wallets, nice bracelets, sophisticated watches, etc are also sold popularly here.  That will be a pity if you do not visit the shops here and buy some these lovely items.

Useful notes for you:

Because the weather is quite hot in the daytime, so you should prepare the necessary items such as: swimsuits, hats, umbrellas, sun creams to anti-sunburn. In addition, while travelling, you should bring water in case of being thirsty. One more thing is that you should bring camera to take photos or make videos because Hoi An is extremely nice, especially at night.

Tours in Hoi An

Hoi an Lantern Making 1 day

Hoi an Lantern Making 1 day

Hoi an is the Impressive location that you do not miss in your journey. The first time when you standing in the Hoi An old quarter, you will be attracted by a small ancient town and peaceful. The thick layer of moss on the roof as the cherished memories of time and the warm atmostphere of old house beside the narrow streets make the Hoian’s distinctions. Beside that, you’ll be deep inside in the quiet and colorful of lantern streets that an ancient Town as a dreamland, shimmering by magic lanterns when the dark is coming.

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Hoi An Cooking Class 1/2 day

Hoi An Cooking Class

Hoi an is the Impressive location that you do not miss in your journey. The first time when you standing in the Hoi An old quarter, you will beat tracted by a small ancient town and peaceful. The thick layer of moss on the roof as the cherished memories of time andthe warm atmostphere of old house beside the narrow streets make the Hoian’s distinctions. Beside that, visiting colourful market and experience the amazing sights, enjoy the model life inan ancient town and you can fell others emotion.

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Valued package in the Centre Vietnam

hoi an nightlifeValued package in the Centre Vietnam will bring to you wonderful time to enjoy the beauty of Hoi An Ancient town with old pagodas and houses.., see the daily life of local people and try traditional dishes. In addition, on the way coming to Da Nang, you can see some highlight spots there.

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