Nothing is happier when your whole family can travel together in your holiday. However, travelling with children is not simple problem to the parents. Have you been wondering many situations that can occur when travelling with children, for example, how to make your trip advantageous, how to thoroughly prepare and ensure the safety for your children during the trip, etc? Comprehend the common anxiety of the parents, today we would like to share some following helpful experiences for the families travelling with children.

1. Choose the suitable time and destination for travelling
Firstly, it’s necessary for you to research about the weather forecast on the days that you intend to travel. If that destination is occuring a storm or at the outbreak of an epidemic disease, you should postpone your trip or choose another destination that features a better weather because it’s in need of placing your children’s health on the top. You should not choose the rainy season or at the time when the weather is so hot because your children can catch the fever or other infectious diseases. Secondly, you need to pay your attention to choose a proper destination for children. You may love the adventurous trips, exploring the massive caves or climbing the mountains; however, your children may be don’t like this. These places are not only unsuitable and relatively dangerous for children, but they also make you more tired of taking care of your children. To avoid the unfortunate cases that can occur, you should not let your children to join such these trips, but should come to the resorts with swimming pools or beaches for children to have the entertaining spaces. It will be better for your children’s health to mix with the nature and outside atmosphere.

Besides, you should also make a reservation and inform to the hotel about the presence of your children so that they can arrange the proper room and prepare well the necessary tools for your children.

2. Choose the suitable means of transport
If you intend to travel by air, you should book the the ticket at the front-row seat because it’s more comfortable for the children. You also focus on the duration of the flight; if the flight lasts more than 3 hours, your children can be very tired. Another note is that you must bring the birth certificate of your children to make the procedure for your children. Besides, you can travel by train or car. The most important thing when travelling by these means of transport is that you must ensure a large enough space for you children to seat or lie. A large space in the train/car helps your car less tired during and after the trip.

3. Choose the suitable items for the trip
You should thoroughly choose the cloths for your children in accordance with the current weather in that destination. If you travel in the summer, you should bring the large-sized and comfortable cloths with the cool material to get advantageous for the entertaining demands of the children. However, you should also bring some sets of long sleeves for the children to prevent the suddenly cold weather at night. Except the clothes, it’s necessary for you to prepare hat, glass, sunscreen, anti-insect cream, some types of drugs and simple medical tools for your children. If your children are under two years old, you should bring a convenient baby stroller to reduce your tiredness during the trip. Another noticeable thing is that you should bring an item that your children often hug it when going to bed or an item that he/she loves. If owning that item, your children will not feel homesick during the holiday and maybe he/she will sleep well without crying or annoying you.

4. Some notes about the children’s eating problem
You must remember this is a holiday of your whole family, so you do not highly place your children’s eating problem. Your children only have some days for holiday, so you should not make your children feel bored. In stead of that, you should prepare the short meals, available food, some types of cakes, etc. Easily, you can buy the gruel for your children in the hotel or any restaurants on the streets. If your children are under two years old, you should prepare enough milk during the trip because whenever your children can be hungry. You also notice if your children get allergic to some types of food at the destination that you come such as seafood.

5. Some suitable destinations for children
Perhaps, Hanoi is the most wonderful destination for your children’s trip. This capital city in the North of Vietnam really attracts children with many museums, historical monuments, parks and entertaining places. In fact, children often like such destinations because of their curiosity and studiousness. You can lead your children to some famous and popular destinations such as Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Hanoi Museum, Thong Nhat Park, Flag Tower of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh Museum, etc. You can also take them to Sword Lake to visit Turtle Tower, Ngoc Son Temple. Children also like walking around the lake with parents and eating ice cream. In addition, you can visit Bat Trang Ceramic Village. This is really an ideal and exciting place for children. Coming here, your whole family can make the ceramic items such as cup, vase and paint those item by yourself. Children are often interested in such these activities. You can also take them to some entertaining centers for children in Hanoi, typically, Hanoi Zoo with many interesting games. In addition, there are many destinations for your family in the North of Vietnam, in particular, Ha Long Bay with outdoor activities such as swimming, sightseeing the whole bay on the boat, visiting Tuan Chau Island to participate many attractive games in the water park.

The next choice for your family’s trip with children is Mui Ne. This land is famous for sliding sand, swimming and taking rest in the resorts here. With the wonderful climate and the nice beaches, this land is really proper for children to play with wind and sand on the beaches. Especially, sliding sand is really an unforgettable activity for your whole family, typically your children. You can also come to Nha Trang, also a destination in the Middle of Vietnam to visit Vinpearl Land, a first-class entertaining center of Vietnam with a lot of new and attractive activities that will make your children feel extremely exciting.

If you consider choosing a suitable beach for children, except the above beaches, let’s come to Phu Quoc Beach. Children are often fond of nice quiet beaches with few big waves; they get excited with building the sand castles on the beach with their parents, so that’s the reason why you should choose Phu Quoc Beach. Phu Quoc is a safe destination for your trip with children due to the remarkable features that the Nature gives Phu Quoc. The beach is extremely clean, so nothing can make children injured. Come here and spend much time for your children. I think that’s the best time of them. Apart from the above destinations, you can also take them to Dam Sen Water Park or Suoi Tien Park. These two places are the most famous entertaining centers in Ho Chi Minh City with many interesting and proper activities for children named Sliding Water, Children’s Pool, Massage Pool, Wandering River, and many other games. It will be wonderful forchildren to join these games; it’s not only good for their health but also brings the best experiences and memories for the whole family. However, depending on the age of your children, you should choose the suitable activities to avoid making them tired and annoying yourself.

The above-mentioned information is extremely helpful experiences for your journey with children. So, now have you worried about travelling with children? If anything is unclear for you, contact us via: to be supported.