Laos, the country of imposing river-Mekong is known for its peaceful atmosphere, nice landscapes and sincere smiles as well surely bring exciting experience to you!

Let’s discover 15 wonderful things that make us be fascinated about the nice people and country as following details:

1. Sit on boat and sightsee Mekong river in sunset

Mekong river in laos

The country does not share border with sea, thus, Mekong River is considered as the soul of Laos. When having chance to tour in boat along Mekong River, especially at dusk, you will see small villages along the banks of the river where people daily life connects closely to boats floating on water.

2. Explore pristine beauty of Phongsaly

beauty of Phongsaly

Phongsaly province is located on the North Pole of Laos. Because it has not been influenced by commercial activities, tourists will totally indulge themselves in admiring superb mountains as well as feeling rustic and honest hearts of local people.

3. Drop in Plain of Jars field with full of mysteries

Plain of Jars

Plain of Jars field in Xieng Khouang of Laos is famous destination about mysterious things to guests from everywhere. No one can explain certainly why a lot of jars put in the field. However, a supposition said that this is method of burying dead people in the past (from Stone Age period)

4. Admire magnificent waterfall in Bolaven highland

waterfall in Bolaven highland

In the Southern location of Laos, Bolaven Plateau is named as the holy land of coffee and spectacular waterfalls situated deeply on jungles. In fact, the waterfalls are very powerful, extensive and profuse of layers. On the rainy season, water streams carrying alluvium start from source of waterfalls flowing strongly.

5. Visit Luang Prabang- the city marked with ancient vestiges

Luang Prabang- the city marked with ancient vestiges

In spite of not owning many striking temples and pagodas as the neighboring country- Cambodia, Laos has its particular unique and innovative temples. Being the country where most of people enter Buddhism, it has no difficulty in finding impressive temples on roadsides through your discovery. The most wonderful and ideal place to visit temples in Laos is nowhere else except Luang Prabang- the inherited ancient and beautiful city.

6. Taste special food in Laos

food in Laos

The highlight of Laos culinary is fresh, simple in processing but still moreish, distinguished flavor. Noted dishes in Laos which you are recommended to enjoy are: Tam Mak Houng (Spicy Green Papaya Salad), Larb (made with chicken, beef, duck, fish, pork or mushrooms), Khao Piak Sen (Lao Noodle Soup), Khao Niaw (Sticky Rice). Laos cuisine is also influenced by French cooking style because of characteristics in the history so, its dishes usually combine with bread. Besides, Beer is also worth tasting as staying in Laos.

7. Discover caves in Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng

It could be said that Vang Vieng is “discovery heaven” which draws millions of backpackers around the world. To be evaluated as one of the top most beautiful destinations in Laos, the small town near bank river of Vang Vieng is the excellent place for conquering waterfall, rapid performances, or discovering grandiose caves.

8. To trek on the jungles

trek in laos

Laos which is covered by jungles will be ideal site for those people who want to trek through jungles and challenge themselves. Of course, this is also great opportunity to visit and study about remote villages with unique customs.

9. Shop in Savannakhet


Savannakhet, well-known address for series of chain stores designed as French old architecture style will be interesting destination of shoppers. Easily, you can stop to buy everything from souvenirs, clothes, bracelets, handicrafts to specialties, or expensive items here.

10. View the beautiful Pha That Luang

View the beautiful Pha That Luang

Pha That Luang is name of massive stupa plated with gold in the beautiful capital of Vientiane. It is both important relic and national pride of people in “Land of a Million Elephants”. Constructed in the foundation of the Kmer old temple in 16th century, although the great stupa temple passed ups and downs of history, it still remains beauty of diversified architecture and emanates halos to cling to travelers.

11. Tour in nice scenery of Si Phan Don

Si Phan Don

Si Phan Don is a large archipelago situated on the top of South Pole where legend Mekong River flowing across Khone waterfall before blending with a big river of Cambodia. Including more than 4000 different size of islands, Si Phan Don draws in front of tourist’s eyes a very fascinating beautiful watercolor painting.

12. Sightsee the holy temple named Wat Phou

Wat Phou

Wat Phou- the oldest temple in Laos has been recognized as UNESCO’s heritage since 2001. This ancient temple is the date of 5th century and has been center of Hinduism. Wat Phou is also called the “Mount Temple” because it is located under the foot of Mount Phou Kao (Elephant Mountain) in Champasak province, about 670 kilometers from Vientiane to the south.

13. Enjoy massage in Laos

Enjoy massage in Laos

Combination of traditional massage and steam bath is effective way to release tiredness after long trekking trip or discovery in Laos. The mixture of herbs or tea in steam bathroom is successful tip of this therapy.

14. Travel to Wat Xieng Thong antique temple

Wat Xieng Thong antique temple


It is the most beautiful and important temple of Luang Prabang highlighted Lao’s special and unique architecture with curved temple roofs falling down. Wat Xieng Thong is the main temple, surrounded by small shrines that constitute a harmonious complex.

15. See traditional woven crafts

traditional woven crafts in laos

Visitors in Laos are particularly keen on watching brocade products or woven crafts which are made from really skillful and diligent hands of craftsmen. Each of ethnic group has own specific feature shown in the uniqueness of handicrafts that will give you a variety of choices for selecting special and meaningful items.



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