Ban Gioc waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam located in Cao Bang Province, nears the Sino-Vietnamese border. Travelling some 400 km from Hanoi, you will reach the splendid fall. Ban Gioc waterfall is as lithe as a white silk on the border region of mountains and forests making any tourists come here are not from overwhelmed.

Ban gioc waterfall

Ban Gioc Waterfall is situated in Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District. It originates from the peaceful Quay Son Rivers. The Quay Son River rises from China and when it reaches Dam Thuy Commune of Trung Khanh District, the mild river circles around Co Muong mountain bottom and flows to rice fields of Dam Thuy towards the large maize alluvial plain of Ban Gioc village. The River forms the border between Vietnam and China; consequently the falls are half in Vietnam and half in China. The flow divides into many branches and lowers that created Ban Gioc Waterfall – the most wonderful waterfall in Vietnam – the most interesting spot in North Vietnam tour.

Ban Gioc is the largest in the country, though not the highest. With a height of 53 meters and a width of 300 meters, the waterfall is divided into 3 layers. It is separated into three falls by rocks and trees, and you can be heard the thundering sounds of the water hitting the cliffs kilometers away from Trung Khanh. The flow drops sharply down making a curtain of white sprays. If you want to have the most impressive sight, you should come to Ban Gioc from May to September.

From a distance, you can see the flow from Quay Son River falling down on the stone and creating water droplet columns. Because of the water mist in the air, the temperature near the waterfall is greatly cool. Tourists can be punt on a bamboo rafts to go close enough to the waterfall, for better views of the cascade and feel the spray on hair and skin. The ‘ride’ lasts about 10 minutes and you’ll definitely get wet. Moreover, you aren’t also allowed to swim in the river or close to the main waterfall but in the large natural pool on the Vietnamese side. A large river is at the foot of the waterfall, as calm as glass; the banks are surrounded by many precious kinds of flowers, grass cover and evergreen forest.

Rising from middle of the waterfall is awater mound covered with trees, splitting the river into three white silk strips. On hot summer days, being close to the falls and feeling the mist and spray in the air are refreshing. In the early morning, the sun shines through water stream as white silk bands creating a sparkling rainbow.

When you’re walking toward the waterfall, I can see rice fields with happy buffaloes swimming in the mud, a small house, some souvernir shops, and old women from the Nùng ethnic minority group. The North East of Vietnam is home to the Tày and Nùng ethnic minority groups, a small number of H’mong and Dzao people. Farming techniques can’t have changed much here in centuries; most of the work is done by hand will make you impressive. One piece of this ‘technology’ you’ll see along the banks of the river is the bamboo water wheel. This attractive, medieval-looking device scoops up water from the river, carries it up to the level of the fields, and drops it into earth gutters, which channel the water into the fields to irrigate the crops. It’s a hypnotic, peaceful and timeless sight.

There are lots of beautiful spots around the base of the falls on which to sit and take in the spectacle. Find a place on a pebbly beach or grassy bank, perch on a boulder in a stream or lie in the curving trunk of a tropical tree, and gaze in awe at one of Vietnam’s most romantic sights.

In addition, for visitors who want to discover the natural area, there is the nearby Nguom Ngao Cave, which contains more than three kilometers of passage.

Quay Son River not only creates a majestic waterfall but also provide many precious specialities. And Ban Gioc Fall is famous for a famous fish named “tram huong”. The fish is very delicious. Travelling to Ban Gioc Fall, tourists will be admired houses in stilts of Tay minortity.

Recently, Ban Gioc Waterfall (Viet Nam) has been listed in top 10 greatest waterfalls in the world by WondersList website – a dedicated blog to present top 10 lists from around the world in a variety of categories. The great of Ban Gioc Fall, the quiet beauty of water, forest and clouds mixed area with mountainous village atmosphere of ethnic minorities will guide you to a poetic, fresh, romance of nature – a heavenly manna. With the splendid natural beauty, the waterfall of Ban Gioc is Cao Bang’s biggest tourist attraction.


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