A proper greeting is a super easy but effective way to get to know someone new and leave a warm impression on others. This applies to visitors when traveling to other countries as well. So, when you come to Vietnam, knowing the Vietnamese salutations and being able to use them will be a big bonus. […]

Weather places a crucial role in your journey as the nice and sunny days give you powerful motivation for going outside and sufficient exposure for excellent photo shoots. Especially with countries affected by the monsoons like Cambodia, the climate varies greatly among seasons. So, it’s necessary to get the overall view of the country’s weather […]

No one want to encounter travel scams during their vacation, but it happens around all tourists when they visit a foreign country. Instead of worrying about the bad situations, you can actually prepare yourself for the frauds on the go. If Vietnam is the next destination on your bucket list, the following information about common […]

As a foreign traveler, it’s easy to come across cultural conflicts with the indigenous lifestyles. However, instead of arguing and making a mess, what you should do is to be aware of the difference and admire the native culture so that you can really engage in the local life and avoid disapproving glim of the […]

Two weeks in Vietnam and Cambodia is enough to visit the highlights like the attractive destinations. The best time to visit Vietnam depends on your plan for trip, but the most popular time is spring and autumn, when it is not too hot or cold, especially, there is less chance of heavy rain. See below […]

Among all kinds of travelers, tourists in such journeys organized by travel agents are the one that receives most of the blame. However, little does the public know that tour operators now are becoming more aware of the carbon footprint in their guided tour vacation and trying to reduce the negative impact on the environment. […]

Hoi An City is the World Cultural Heritage in the Central Coast Vietnam. Located in the north side of the downstream of Thu Bon River; about 9 km from the National Highway 1A to the east, about 30 km from the city of Da Nang to the southeast and 60 km from Tam Ky City […]

Did you know that global tourism makes up approximately 8% of the total carbon emission worldwide? The research result of the University of Sydney has warned us about a seemingly unharmful vacation which can actually ruin our surrounding. No one wants to feel guilty on their holiday, so you should be aware of your travel. […]

Global warming and other environmental issues are directly affect our living standard. Sadly, traveling is one of the fundamental causes of pollution. Therefore, we must be more aware of their activities during the expedition. Among all categories of travelers, the explorers are considered the most eco-friendly group with the closeness to the local life. But […]

Do you have any idea that the annual vortex of garbage in Vietnam produced by foreigners visitors could cover East Timor with an area of 15,000 square kilometers! In case you didn’t notice, today (June 5th) is the World Enviroment Day! On this day, we want to tell you something special. In the booming age […]

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