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Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia attract many tourists from over the world of its spectacular landscape, friendly local people and rich traditional culture. If you are planning to visit Indochina one day and do not know where to go in the Indochina trip itinerary, check out the following recommendations. I’m sure that you can find much […]

Travel Sense Asia will attend the Thailand Travel Mart Plus from 13 – 15 June 2018 at Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand. This year, we will bring the best products of 5 Asian countries, including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar. Contact and visit us via:  Email: Phone: +84 – 982 074 436 The Tourism […]

Every year, Travel Sense Asia had an annual summer trip and this year, we visited Siem Reap, a big city of Cambodia. In this trip, we have 2-day visiting one of the wonders of the world; they are Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Ta Phrom… Angkor Thom Gate Angkor Wat At the end of this trip, we […]

If your favorite is majestic nature and mysterious culture of the lifestyle of ethnic minorities, Sapa would be one of the best places which you must discover. Famous for its majestic mountains, picturesque valleys, magnificent cloudy sky, wild nature and unique culture, Sapa is now the favorite destination of both domestic and international tourists. With […]

Cambodia and Vietnam may boast uniquely fascinating cultures, but what do you think about experiencing both of these incredible countries in just one journey? Only with 15 days of Vietnam and Cambodia packages, you can enjoy the local culture, historical site, beautiful landscapes, wild beach and impressive temples. This package offers you various experiences from […]

Indochina hosts a variety of elements that combine to make a fantastic trip for anyone interested in Asian culture. In there, Laos and Cambodia and are considered the 2 hidden gems of Indochina, where you can contemplate their impressive natural beauty and spectacular architecture in pure tranquility. If you are looking for an active journey […]

Coming to the paradise, you will have many opportunities to admire the stunning landscapes like the famous rice terraces populated by many ethnic minorities, several villages, mountain, Fansipan peak, local markets,… a little effort to think outside the big trap will be necessary, but there are still plenty of corners well preserved. Three criteria must […]

Vietnam and Cambodia are the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia, and after a tour of splendid cultural heritage and magnificent temples, you may prefer to have some natural touching. From the rich culture of Cambodia to the amazing colors and culture of Vietnam, and archaeological treasures of Laos. You will discover the beauty and […]

Vietnam is always famous for beautiful scences, diversity in culture and simple lifestyle of local people. If you come to Vietnam, you shouldn’t miss two famous destinations in here like Danang and Hoi An City Tour as their interesting. Da Nang is located in the South Central region of Vietnam, which is a major center […]

Sapa is a colourful and charming town in northern Vietnam and continues to attract more tourists every year. This mountainous town is able to attract its visitors based on its natural beauty. The tours in Sapa are a perfect destination for those that love to get involved in treks and include great panoramic views of […]

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