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Cambodia, an agricultural but beautiful country in South East Asia, may seduce you at the first sight when you explore its pristine beauty of Angkor Architectural Site, historical landscapes, huge terraced rice fields, and more. However, as tripping to this country, you should recognize that it is not modern like Singapore, hustle and bustle like […]

Da Lat a holiday town in Central Highlands of Vietnam is one of the must-go attractions that you can’t miss. Unique architectures with the harmony of ancient features and modern characteristics, picturesque lakes and falls, fantastic lines of pine trees are all waiting for you in a wonderful weather all year round. Don’t be hesitating […]

Whatever we go anywhere in the world, we always buy a gift which is specialty of that place for friends and relatives. Shopping in Sapa is one of the most interesting activities that draw tourist to visit Sapa. So what Sapa has gift that you can buy as a gift for loved one? Brocade Being […]

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is considered as the land of the temples because wherever you go, you also see many famous and giant temples. Coming to Myanmar, coming to one of the mysterious country in South East Asia, you will get its cultural and geographical diversity which has retained much of its historic and […]

Have you ever come to the Vietnam’s countryside? All the feeling I want to tell you is the peaceful of Vietnam countryside. How wonderful it is!. So, if you have time to come to Hanoi, at least once time you should visit the Hanoi suburb( about 60 – 70 kilometers from Ha Noi) and enjoy […]

If you want to know how is majestic, let’s go to the Northwestern mountains. If you want to know how is vast,let’s go to the Vietnam’s Central Highlands. The Central Highland  is the land full of sunny and windy, the vast savannah plains, the endless of rolling hills, the tea and coffee gardens are lasted […]

There has been this famous phrase about Hanoi originated from Nguyen Tuan’s book: ‘Hanoi – 36 streets and guilds’ – ‘Hanoi, 36 pho phuong’, also known as Old Quarter – the top special historical vestige and sight-seeing of the capital. It locates right in the heart of Hanoi Vietnam, between Long Bien bridge and Hoan […]

Tam Dao is an ideal destination for any tourists all over the world who want to have a terrific and peaceful time on vacation. It is a hill station about 85 km to the North West of Hanoi. Along the way to Tam Dao, it is sure to be very wonderful for you to give […]

About 10 kilometers to the south east of Hanoi center is the paradise of handicraft products that attracts thousands of tourists annually. It is also well known for many ceramic products exported worldwide. With the history of 1000 years, Bat Trang is truly an ideal destination for those who want to explore the Vietnamese original […]

Vietnam – the country of four brilliant seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter). For each season, it fills with distinct weather and particular beauty that will promisingly bring nice feelings to you. You may be fascinated by spring’s brimful of vitality and bustling atmosphere of spring festivals in Vietnam, you can passionately love our nice beaches […]

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