I love being a stranger in Hanoi. I remember one of my friends once said: “You may not find Hanoi an interesting place to spend your vacation. People come to Vietnam not to, or should I say ‘should not’, visit big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh”. I myself thought she was wrong. Tourists […]

Hue where has deep history and tradition cultural. Huong River and Ngu mountain is home of many music bearing deep as Hue royal music, folk music, religious music. Beside that, poetry, art, folk festivals and traditional craft village were developed in the pass that is the platform to contribute to the rich cultural and spiritual […]

Lunar New Year is the biggest traditional festival, the oldest, has the widest popular range in Vietnam. This Festival has bold deep ethnic culture and unique. The meaning of Lunar New Year is the Family Festival. It’s the time for every ones come back home to reunion in the family during 3 days of New […]

Vietnam is a  tropical monsoon climate country that makes convenient for traveler. Each place is the most beautiful of the year. So, where and when to come are always big problems to tourists.  Let I show you the best time is appropriate to go to best place. Spring: from January to April. This is the […]

Luang Prabang was the Lao’s ancient captital where was develop about economi and architechture in the pass. Coming to Luang Phrabang, you are losing step into the legendary atmosphere by the call of ancient echoes. The first impression in the ancient city is many traditional unique culture and history. Beside that, you have chance to […]

Halong Bay is the nature wonder heritage of the world. Coming here, you will enjoy the Halong Bay’s beauty which is made by 3 points: blue sea, blue sky and limestones. Visiting Halong Bay, you will feel the ends of the grandeur of the limestone islands between the rolling intense waves, the thousand year old […]

Coming Angkor, I could not keep my mind clearly, dreamy. Just has a voice call me from subconscious place, and it makes me keep stepping. Until I am awake, I am being lost in a unfamiliar domain, mystery and majestic. That is Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat that is architectural masterpiece of humanity. Beside that, visiting […]

Travel Northern Vietnam, Water puppetry performance is the show you should not miss in your vacation. The water puppetry (used puppet trick on the water) that is the intangible cultural characteristics of Vietnam’s people. This is a type of  folk art tradition in the Red River delta since long time ago, which happen in the […]

The beautiful Vietnam with majestic mountain ranges, the large and peaceful lake, the rolling roads which are embraces the mountain. All of things make the wonderful Vietnam. So, the trip discover the Northeast Vietnam will make you feel great. In fact, we had a wonderful trip in the Vietnam’s Independent day. Moving to Ba Be […]

Are you excited for Halong Bay tour coming up? So, I’ll give you some tips to prepare for your journey to Halong. I wish it is more useful to your trip. 1. Time to travel Halong Bay Halong Bay is located in the north, there are  4 seasons clear: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Almost […]

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