Vietnam will invest VND1,931 trillion (US$94.2 billion) between 2011 and 2030 in an effort to make tourism the nation’s key sector by 2020. It is estimated that 8-10 percent of the investment will be allocated from the state budget, while the rest comes from private sector. The plan aims to build a “developed” tourism industry […]

In most of the brochures the famous sand dunes of Mui Ne are advertised. For me those were the main reason why I chose to go to the city despite its touristy image. There are the famous white dunes (which are pale-yellow) and the red dunes (which are more orange…). I asked myself if it […]

By all accounts, the Con Son – Kiep Bac complex is a propitious place. It has been recognized for centuries as a sacred, prime location by fengshui standards. It is surrounded by four mountains named after four holy creatures (or parts thereof) common in many Asian myths, especially in East Asian countries: Phuong Hoang (phoenix), […]

Food is better This is much related to personal taste, as most of Northern people are not quite getting along with Saigon’s food flavors. What I like is a big range of food. Many choices for your eating, especially breakfast. It will be easy to stay a month but you don’t need to eat the […]

The online magazine ‘Business Insider’ recently published an article written by leading investment strategist, Tim Staermose, who talked about impressions of Vietnam after his eight-day visit to the Southeast Asian country. Peaceful, with reasonable prices and extremely safe, were his main observations. Forty years on from the war with the US, Staermose felt that the […]

A British man has spent half of his life to explore and introduce the beauty ofVietnam’s caves to the world. 22 years ago Howard Limbert, the most recent leader of the British Cave Research Association, made his first expedition to the Phong Nha cave of the cave systems of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National […]

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