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If you are already eager to take a trip in Vietnam, it’s always a wise choice to check the weather conditions. In order to help you have better overview about what the weather will be like in the next 4 months, we would like provide you with some pieces of information about the weather prediction in […]

The most prestigious motor racing – Grand Prix 2020 – is coming to the capital city of Vietnam in April 2020. For sports enthusiasts and tourists to Vietnam during this time, it is definitely the greatest thrill of all. But what to expect in such a historical event? And how to prepare for the one […]

Traveling is not all about sightseeing in top tourist attractions. It’s a chance for you to broaden your horizons, becoming more open-minded and more aware of the cultural differences. So, one thing you should bear in mind before hitting the road is the dos and don’ts in your upcoming destination in order to avoid being […]

Jet lag, car sickness, and travel exhaustion can happen during a long journey, especially when you are traveling in Indochina. The weather and the road condition can be totally different from what you are used to, which can make your emotion worse. The great thing is you can avoid travel fatigue by applying the following […]

With a total area of around 400 km2, nearly half the area of the island city-state of Singapore, a profound exploration of Angkor temple complex requires a great deal of preparation to lead you to must-see destinations while not wearing you out. Still, don’t get too stressed because our local guides are here to give […]

Outshined by the two neighboring countries in Indochina peninsula, Laos is often overlooked when it comes to tourism. However, once you are aware of the traditional and rustic charms of this country, you will be regretful for not paying a visit to Laos. Let’s get deep inside the landlocked nation of Southeast Asia. Laos At […]

At a glance, Cambodia looks like a mysterious gem in Southeast Asia. The religious atmosphere of the Buddhism country may create obstacles for your expedition. But if you want to get the real feel of the nation, it’s not that challenging either. The following information will help you be confident while visiting Cambodia and avoid […]

A proper greeting is a super easy but effective way to get to know someone new and leave a warm impression on others. This applies to visitors when traveling to other countries as well. So, when you come to Vietnam, knowing the Vietnamese salutations and being able to use them will be a big bonus. […]

Weather places a crucial role in your journey as the nice and sunny days give you powerful motivation for going outside and sufficient exposure for excellent photo shoots. Especially with countries affected by the monsoons like Cambodia, the climate varies greatly among seasons. So, it’s necessary to get the overall view of the country’s weather […]

No one want to encounter travel scams during their vacation, but it happens around all tourists when they visit a foreign country. Instead of worrying about the bad situations, you can actually prepare yourself for the frauds on the go. If Vietnam is the next destination on your bucket list, the following information about common […]

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