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Pick The Best Time To Visit Floating Markets On The West Of Vietnam

Floating markets on the West of Vietnam is set on the downstream of the significant Mekong River. There are two main seasons here:

  • The dry season begins from around November and ends around April to May next year. The temperature in this time of the year is quite high at around 28°C.
  • The rainy season is from May to October. Rain is dramatic, but it does not last for too long, which makes the weather super humid.
  • There is another flooding season in Vietnam from September to November when the river water level rises slowly. The locals have well adopted with this strange season while tourists consider it a unique thing of Mekong River delta in Vietnam. Therefore, if the South of Vietnam is the main stop in your Mekong cruise, come and join a tour in the strange flooding season.

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The length of your stay depends much on your choice of destinations. The West region contains up to 12 provinces; each features unique floating markets. The thing is, not all of them are easy to access or friendly to international visitors. Most of the dialects in the West are hard to learn, and the native people don’t speak much English. As a result, we highly recommend you visit some popular markets (you will find the list down below) where English speaking guides are available.
Not all of the floating markets in Mekong Delta are easy to access or friendly to international visitors. Photo: Quang Nguyen vinh/Pixabay  If you don’t have much time, you can choose a day trip to catch the vibe of the West region from Ho Chi Minh city. Still, the ideal length of stay is around 2 to 3 days as the Mekong river cruise is such an exotic experience. Spending one night onboard helps you gain a comprehensive view of the local life. How they manage their life after dark. How early they have to get up to prepare for the floating markets. You will know on an overnight cruise on Mekong River.

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What To Pack For A Floating Market Voyage?

When starting your trip, moderate luggage is the best. The weather is mostly pleasant, so comfortable clothes like T-shirts, tank tops, shorts are really suitable. Don’t forget to wear sneakers. It is of more considerable help when you go from boats to boats in order to see the goods. In case the sun is too fierce, also bring a light jacket to avoid sunburn. Moreover, as you will move a lot, remember to refill your water bottle to keep hydrated during the journey. If you have your laptop, smartphone, or camera alongside, the best way to keep these digital devices safe is to put them into a waterproof bag. You are traveling on the water, so be careful with your precious belongings. Another small but powerful thing for international guests is insect repellent to guard you against the insect bite and enjoy a comfortable trip. rator, this is definitely not the first time we deal with such situation. So, we have created several resolutions to conquer the fear of storms with you.

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