Cambodia is a country located on the Indochina Peninsula of Southeast Asia. It border the Thailand Gulf in the south, Thailand in the west, Laos in the north and Vietnam in the east through Can Tho province (a province of southern Vietnam) from which can travel to Phnom Penh to begin a city tour.

The prominent topographical features a large lake in the delta formed by the flooding. That is Tonle Sap lake. This is a densely populated delta, suitable for paddy rice, formed the heartland of Cambodia. The temperature ranges between 10-38°C. Cambodia has the tropical rainy seasons from May to October. Cambodia is a country with many rare animal species lives, most notably tigers, elephants and giant bull. Many species are in danger of extinction due to poaching and deforestation.

Cambodia is one of the new and most attractive destinations in the world. The most attractive destinations of Cambodia are Angkor Wat and the temples of Angkor complex in Siem Reap province, as well as the compelling cultural sites of Phnom Penh with a full range of necessary services such as hotels, restaurants, entertainment and a number of other travel services that will make the tourists come here satisfied. If you have not come to a land that is attached to the history, to the Killing Fields or to the temples of the Khmer people, Cambodia is your number 1 choice.

Located in the south of Cambodia, Phnom Penh is the largest city and the capital of the country which is the political and cultural center. Used to be called “Pearl of Asia” in 1920s, the city has many buildings that are influenced French architecture and many excellent works of Khmer architecture. You can not skip the city tour to explore the city with the local guides who are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The symbol of Phnom Penh is Royal Palace. It is a complex of buildings was built over a century ago where monarch, monarch’s family and his foreigner guests were living, It is also the place where took place the national meetings, the diplomacy rituals and royal ceremonies.


Mention to Cambodia, you will probably think of Khmer Rouge Genocide. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum used to be a high school before was becoming a concentration camp of Khmer genocide regime. It had been transformed as adding electrical fencing, reinforcing the prison room, interrogation rooms and torture chambers which held about 20,000 prisoners. Only a small number of surviving prisoners to left the prison which is the “nightmare” for the Cambodian. Toul Sleng Genocide Museum is exhibited the pictures of victims and the documents of Khmer crimes that can make viewers shudder. Tourist can visit the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum and then go to the suburb to visit the Killing Field.

Toul Sleng Genocide Museum

From Phnom Penh, it is about few hours to come to Siem Riep by airplane. Siem Reap has a Chinatown is located in the Western Quarter, around the

old market. The city has a stage to perform the Apsara dance, craft shops, silkworm farms and paddy fields of rural areas and fishing villages, bird grounds near the Tonle Sap lake. Today, Siem Reap is a famous destination of tourists with many hotels and restaurants.

Toul Sleng Genocide Museum 2


Angkor Wat is a complex of temples in Cambodia and it is the largest religious monument in the world. It used to be the capital of the Khmer Empire and has flourished around the 9th century to the 15th century. This is one of the most important monuments in Cambodia that is considered the supreme of Khmer art and architecture. Angkor Wat is a combination of two basic features of Khmer architecture: the temple – mountain architecture with long and narrow corridors. The main hall of Angkor Wat is the three-tier architecture: hell, earthly, heaven. They are connected together through the deep corridor. The highlight is that the whole architecture of Angkor Wat is the green stone, everywhere are engraved patterns, embossments according to ancient tales that experts say that it derived from the India epic Mahabharata and Ramayana. It is a pity if not come here to admire the wonderful architecture work.


An interesting destination in Siem Reap is the Tonle Sap lake. It is a system that combines lakes and rivers which has enormous importance for Cambodia. If in the floating season, tourists can visit the Tonle Sap floating market that attracts tourists to explore the life on the river of the whole community with many ethnic, such as: Vietnamese, Cham and Khmer. There are many forms of selling on the river. The boats are selling water, fruit, dried fish and other items. The local people live on both of fishing and farming on the raft. In the floating village, also has the library, school, soccer court, the grocery store with a lot of diverse goods. Life is harsh but truthful in the middle of immense Tonle Sap lake and lake’s commodity. Enjoy the sunrise or sunset down the Lake is something that visitors cannot ignore. Great feeling!


Cambodian culture has the diversity history through many centuries and heavily influenced by India. In the history of Cambodia, religion had a major role in cultural activities.

Cambodian cuisine likes the culinary habits of many peoples of paddy rice civilization in Asia, shows that the distinct characteristics. Cambodian cuisine style strongly influenced by India and China, most of the dishes flavored spicy, sweet and fatty. Cambodia is also a country with a lot of festivals that take place throughout the year so tourists come here at any time of year can also participate in the traditional festivals of this country.

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