What can you expect for your holiday in winter? Of course, it must be sunny beaches with white smooth sand and crystal blue water, shopping malls in a breezing night, restaurants and food zones serving exotic and delicious dishes rather than the freeze and tons of warm clothes. That’s why you should put Thailand in the top of the list of destinations on your trip and Pattaya Beach is a must for you.

Pattaya is a beach city of Chon Buri province, distant 165 km to the South East from Bangkok capital. Previously, Pattaya was a small fishing village with poor facilities, poor atmosphere and the village seemed to sink into quietness right after finishing a hard workday in the evening. However, it is no longer a bored village but one of the most attractive tourism spots in the kingdom, which appeals tens of millions of tourist arrivals to the beautiful beach city. There are a wide range of modern stores, hostels and hotels, restaurants and entertaining zones serving you all long day-trip. You must be seduced by smooth white sand beaches like Jomtien and KoLan, exotic feeling when walking on Walking street, wonderful harmony with the bustle nightlife, gorgeous and traditional shopping zones, or relaxation when sitting in a certain bar. As a part of Thailand, Pattaya has four distinct seasons with the average temperature higher than those in regions (32oC -35oC). You can travel to Pattaya in any time of the year but the most ideal time for tripping to this city is from November to next February, when Pattaya has hardly rain and the weather is extremely cool for your winter holiday.

pattaya beach

Enjoying stunning beaches
Pattaya is well known for sickle-shape beaches which are 4-5km long with tropically warm water, and pleasant breezes. One of the most attractive beaches in the city is Jomtien Beach. It includes a complex of luxury resorts and hotels, cuisine zones and restaurants for seafood and Thai specialities and locations for whom enjoying water sports with fulfill equipment like water-skiing, boating, diving. Then it is KoLan Beach which is one of the must-go beaches for your trip. In Pattaya’s beaches, including said beaches, there are available lots of other interesting outdoor activities for you such as going fishing, paddling, and surfing. You also should play golf, go hunting, racing, riding horse and in some areas along the beaches, there are equipped with gym services and health clubs. And seafood here is so highly recommended because you won’t have more delicious Thai seafood than those in Pattaya’s beaches. Anyway, going to beach in winter to enjoy a holiday as in summer must be fantastic trip than ever and Pattaya’s beaches are must-goes for this winter. Besides its sunny beaches, visitors coming to Pattaya will have chance to go sightseeing landscapes surrounding like Phra Tamnak Hill, WatYannasangwararam – a royal Buddhist temple, Bottle Museum with more than 300 masterpieces of object-in-bottles, Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum with a huge collection of unique exhibits.

Walking on Walking Street
It located between the city center  and Southern Jomtien. In daylight, it is a big market gathering a wide range of goods like clothing, pictures and photo, jewelries, handicrafts and souvenirs. However, it changes into a bustle center for nightlife full of colored light, bars and pubs, nightclubs where you can enjoy the good atmosphere, delicious food and drink, sweet melodies, and it is a high recommendation for you hanging out with friends after a hard trekking day.

Visiting Royal Garden Plaza
This trading center is really a highlight spot in Pattaya, even in Thailand. It is not only a commercial center where offers lots of products, ranging from famous brands to popular labels, but also a stunning resort serving you with good facilities and services. Besides, it is available for you with an eating section, a clothing section, a videos and video-game section, handicraft shops, drug stores and restaurants.  Thus, you can play, enjoy and relax in just on spot like Royal Garden Plaza

Discovering Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden
Visiting Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is also one of a must-do on your trip to whether Thailand or only Pattaya. The Garden situated on a side of the main road no. 3 from Bangkok to Pattaya is a closed tourism spot diversifying with top-star restaurants, high-ranking resorts, stunning stages for art performances and an area for tame 42 elephant’s performances. It is definitely an one-of –a-kind botanical garden not in Thailand only but in all over the world in a wide sense.

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

Enjoying Mini Siam Park
On your trip to Pattaya, you should not miss out on Mini Siam Park since it is considered as a miniature world with lots of interesting things to explore. This 30 ray park lies on the side of Sukhumvit Road, km 143 in which you are offered a fresh and cool atmosphere and naturally beautiful sceneries. It is also a place where many ancient architectures and world’s cultural heritages are restored and constructed in a miniature scope of 1:25 times

Sightseeing Pattaya elephant village
It locates next to Phonpraphanimit Road and is a good place for sightseeing and enjoying the scenery of nature. The Village gives you a chance to witness the daily life of elephant and watch their impressive performances, including elephant ball kicking, elephant war, and elephant parade. If you want to enjoy an exotic gerne of entertainment, Pattaya elephant village is a must.

Relaxing in KohLarn coral island
If you want a place to relax, entertain and eat exotic seafood, you must go to KohLarn coral island. The island owns its huge sand beaches smothier than Pattaya, restaurants specializing in top-star seafood; fulfill facicilities for water sports, a beautiful golf course, gardens of orchids and cactus and stunning systems of ideal resorts. Anyway, KohLarn coral island is a spot that indeed satisfies your trip, especially for a winter trip.

To sum up, Pattaya may be an ideal destination for you enjoying the summer best in a winter. On your way to Thailand, do not miss this paradise.


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