Welcome you all to Cambodia – one of the most exciting countries in Southeast Asia where you can experience deep history, meet the humble people, as well as spread your eyes over a profound fusion of the old and the new and the high and the low. And it is worth pointing out that a Cambodia Package Tour is always a perfect choice for both budget travelers and backpackers. Thanks to reasonable prices, breathtaking sights, and welcoming locals, the country usually attracts a number of visitors every year. While some tourists would like to spend a few weeks discovering Cambodia on a relatively low budget, other even include the country into their itinerary as part of a South East Asian trip.

Regardless of the fact that this is the country with sad history, the Khmer are still likely to be the happiest people on Earth. Despite its poverty, Cambodia is still shiny with genuine smiles. So, there is no reason to think twice! Just book a flight and explore it through this life-changing journey right now!

Check in Phnom Penh

As the vibrant bustling capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh stands out with considerable charm and plenty attractions to see. Situated in the South of the country, the city greatly suffered from the existence of the Khmer Rouge until 1979. Nowadays, it is mainly served by an international airport that does connect to lots of other cities throughout Asia.

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Since this is the country’s major capital, travelers will easily find many remnants of French colonization, like the quaint National Museum and spectacular Royal Palace dating back to 1866. Furthermore, a multitude of pagodas and temples also contribute to the fame and reputation of Cambodia, such as the well-known Wat Phnom Pagoda and the Silver Pagoda. Indeed, it is a perfect destination for a leisurely day tour. Here are a few prominent highlights of Phnom Penh that can help you get a meaningful glance at the city on a whole:

  • The National Museum: This is considered the best spot to feast your eyes on one of the world’s largest collections of Khmer art as well as enhance your understanding of the culture of the locals. What leaves you a strong impression from the first sight is its red-sandstone building of colonial Khmer design.
  • The Royal Palace: Close to the National Museum, the Royal Palace is stunningly the royal abode of the King of Cambodia, including a complex of buildings. Such buildings with imposing towering spires are a typical example of classic Khmer architecture.
  • The Silver Pagoda: Attached to the Royal Palace compound, the Silver Pagoda wins your heart by its uniqueness – the whole silver tiled floor. It is the place where Royal ceremonies are held, the King meets the monks, and it also houses a collection of valuable Buddhist and historical objects.
  • The Wat Phnom Pagoda: Set atop an artificial hill at 27 meters, Wat Phnom, literally meaning “the temple on the hill,” is known as the capital’s highest temple and a gathering place during the Dead festival – Pchum Ben.

What to expect in Phnom Penh?

Continuing to explore the country’s capital city is what the Cambodia Package Tour promises to give you this second day. The following are what you will include in your itinerary:

  • Proceed to learn more about a few famous historical sites of interest built between the 5th and 8th centuries in Takeo Province. Today, Takeo is simply a poor province whose economy is heavily based on farming and fishing.
  • Visit the 12-century Ta Prohm Temple and nearby Yeay Peau Buddhist Temples, located at 10 kilometers of Phnom Penh. Built by the King Jayavarman VII, Ta Prohm wins an award for a very stunning temple well maintained with flowers and trees. Meanwhile, Yeay Peau Temple gains frames for bearing the name of the Ta Prohm King’s mother.
  • Marvel at Phnom Da Temple – a cultural and historical site where visitors can go a leisurely stroll or research Cambodian history.
  •  Stop by the ancient capital of Angkor Borei – one of the earliest pre-Angkorian sites.
  • Enjoy a panoramic view over the surrounding plains from the Phnom Chisor Mountain.

Discover Kompong Cham area

The itinerary for this day is divided into 2 parts. In the morning, you have a chance to find out more about Cambodia history, including the darkest and worst chapter of the country with a shocking experience, through a tour of the Killing Fields, Tuol Sleng Museum, and Russian Market.

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Then, you will continue the trip to Kompong Cham by a private van. Without any line of bustle and hustle, Kompong Cham simply steals tourists’ heart by its peaceful vibe. Spreading along the banks of the Mekong, this provincial capital catches your attention with plenty of old colonial buildings and attractions, like Nokor Bachey Temple, Teuk Chhar, and so on. However, the real allure of the area actually lies with its people – the locals are happy-go-lucky, open, friendly, and hospitable who are always welcoming to visitors in the world.

Enjoy activities in Kompong Cham and welcome you to Kompong Thom

According to Cambodia Package Tour, you will spend the morning exploring highlights in Kompong Cham, including ancient temples, colonial buildings, and rubber plantations. Although the town itself does not have as many tourist attractions as Siem Reap or Phnom Penh, it is still the flawless spot to get a feel of the “real” Cambodia. Make sure to visit some noticeable temples on Phnom Pros Hill and the Bamboo Bridge.

In the late afternoon, you’ll be led to Kompong Thom. As the capital of Kompong Thom Province, such pleasant and tranquil riverside town becomes a perfect starting point to discover the countryside and the ancient temples. The emphasis here is Stueng Saen where you can have an opportunity to witness a wide array of fascinating cultural sights and attractions. Moreover, Kompong Thom also pleases your interest with many exciting shopping areas, lively restaurants, and elegant buildings. Don’t forget to roam around the local market which is always colorful and chock-full of people. An abundance of fruits, vegetables, along with a variety of palm wine is easily found there.

Say goodbye to Kompong Thom and say Hello to Siem Reap

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In the morning, you continue discovering one of the most famous attractions in Kompong Thom, namely the ancient ruins of Sambor Prei Kuk – the capital of the pre-Angkorian Khmer Kingdom. All tiredness is vaporized after you watch hundreds of magnificent pre-Angkorian temples there which are surrounded by the thick forest. Some vegetation has even draped around the ruins, creating a hauntingly mysterious atmosphere.

Then, tourists will travel by road to Siem Reap as well as the ancient city Angkor. As the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Angkor, Siem Reap has undoubtedly been the most well-known tourist destination in Cambodia. But, besides this complex, this city also has so much more to offer, like an exotic culinary scene, luxurious hotels, stylish restaurants, nice beaches, and buzzing nightlife. For sure, the glamour of the classical Cambodian architecture, along with the lifestyle of the locals usually enchants travelers to visit again and again.

Partake in a Golden Age tour – one of the attractive parts during Cambodia Package Tour

Surely, this 3-day tour will assist you in broadening your knowledge about the Golden Age of Cambodia as well as finding out more about the reputable wonders of Angkor complex.

In the first day, tourists will begin their journey with an arrival at the East of Siem Reap to Rolous Group. This group is likely to refer to a collection of 4 Angkor-era monuments, called Bakong, Preah Ko, Lolei, and Prei Monti. Then, you will be led toward Phnom Bakheng where it is famous as the wonderful spot to watch the sunset since the temple is settled on top of a hill. Therefore, it is quite easy to get an unobstructed and panoramic view of the sun as it goes down while seeing the Angkor Wat complex as a bonus from a distance.

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In the second day, your guide will drive you all out through the countryside so as to check in East Mebon and Pre Rup – the Twin Temples. While they are similar in style, these have some incredible contrasts. During the route, it is quite possible to witness the Kulen Mountain – a holy mountain that serves as a zone of pilgrimage at weekends and throughout special occasions. After a short visit to the vast West Baray in the afternoon, you will head toward the biggest magnet of the tour: The complex of Angkor Wat. As the world’s largest Hindu temple complex, Angkor Wat has officially become a symbol of Cambodia. Once going a stroll around the complex, you indeed become a witness who experiences not only the religious values of the Khmer empire but also even the cultural and symbolic values.

In the final day, the Golden Age tour will invite you to one of the Angkor Visitor Centers where you can grasp the recent reconstruction and preservation projects. And, Ta Prohm is the next tourist attraction as this is one of the Angkor complex’s most fascinating ruins. Surely, Ta Prohm in the morning is really indescribable that is just like being in a mysterious jungle temple. After that, you will be guided to Banteay Kdei Temple and the Srah Srang Lake.

Depart from Angkor Complex and have free time on beach

During the free time in Siem Reap, just do what you like, such as checking in the old central market (Psah Chas), the French training workshop, arts & craft shops, restaurants and cafes. Enjoy your discovery trip by hiring a motorbike, renting a bicycle, or even booking a luxurious helicopter flight over the ruins!

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Then, you will spend the last days of the travel by relaxing on beaches at Sihanoukville – one of the most popular towns along Cambodia’s small coastline. While there is plenty to do and see here, the main attraction is still an array of sandy and crystal beaches. Excitingly, many of the beaches also have breathtaking restaurants and bars where you can fill your stomach with affordable and delicious local foods and drinks. After satisfying your taste bud and unwinding on beaches, you should visit the Buddhist temples, try your hand at dirt biking or mountain biking, take a promenade along the downtown and the central market, cool off by scuba diving or snorkeling, go shopping, and learn more about the Cambodian culture.

Leave Cambodia

Say goodbye to the friendly country and let us know what you think about the Cambodia Package Tour after a long journey of discovery and sightseeing. Wish to see you again in other next journeys!


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