I had great memories with my friends in Ba Vi National Park. Ba vi is in the North of Vietnam, it’s about 50 kilometers from Hanoi  and you can take a trip absolutely easy with Travel Sense Asia.
That was a amazing trip and any time I remember these memories in Ba Vi¸my mood is always rise up. The first step when I came to Bavi National Park,  the first impression that we are welcome by fresh air cover all atmosphere. We choosed a green glass and took camping, had lunch and took a rest. That’s nice. After that, we were starting for discover Ba Vi mountain.

Pour church

Pour church

Coming to Ba vi mountain, we were known about this place still have the Son Tinh – Thuy Tinh legend in the primitive and keep the French’s vestige that they built pour church and prison  to imprisoned the hostages. Nowaday, this landscape become the great place to take the video music, wedding photos or fashion photos for the artists.
The best feeling we had when we climb to the Uncle Ho’s temple. It in the highest peak of Ba Vi range mountain. Siting in the top of the mountain, we can see the landscape from high. It’s really amazing because you can see the cloud embrace the peaks of the mountain. Suddently, it is blowing, the clouds disappear and a majestic picture appears in front of your eyes. That’s great scenery!
Hence, we had a great trip with many beautiful photos and Ba vi National park is the great place for relaxing in the weekend. Let’s enjoy this trip with Travel Sense Asia. They bring to me many experiences with a trip Ba Vi Hanoi one day.

Bavi's landscape from high

Bavi’s landscape from high


by Biru/TSA


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