Halong bay cave is famous for the Karst terrain with many strange caves and islands. The limestone islands with all sizes and shapes are one of the attractive destinations to visit this magical bay. Tourists in TSA’s Halong Bay package tours are “dazzled” with the wonderful world of stalactites and stalagmites created by magnificent masterpieces of the Creator. If you once reach Halong bay, don’t miss to visit the following magical caves and grottos.

1. Dau Go Cave (Driftwood Grotto)

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Located on Driftwood Island, Dau go cave has intrigued many tourists by its solemnity and grandiloquence. The name Dau go came from a popular story when General Tran Hung Dao resisted against the Yuan-Mongolian aggressors. In this war, he had prepared many ironwood stakes and hid them in Back Dang River. The grotto is given named from the remaining wooden pieces in the cave. There are three main parts in the grotto. The first chamber, the tourists will be surprised by a colossal pillar supporting the huge vault. Looking on the top of the pillar, there is a monk draped in a long and dark cloak. While the second chamber is more narrow but more graceful, the visitors going there feel like they are going to a pagoda and then start to be gentle. In the last chamber, the grotto seems to be wider with the image of the ancient citadel and a scuffle of horses, elephants and people with sword and spear. In 1917, Emperor Khai Dinh ordered a stone stele to sing the beauty of this Halong Bay cave; today people can see it on the right-hand side of the entrance.

2. Trinh Nu Cave (Virgin Grotto)

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Another wonderful cavern is Trinh Nu Grotto. The young lovers consider this cavern is the symbol of the true love and an ideal romantic place for taking oath of love. In the middle of the grotto, tourists can find a stone statue of a girl lying with her long hair hanging down and looking to the sea in a vain hope. Besides enjoying the beauty of the cavern, the visitors reaching there will be moved by the love legend about Trinh Nu Grotto. As the legend goes, there is a very sad love story between a beautiful fisherman’s daughter and a fishing man; because wishing to be faithful to her lover, the girl was forced to move to a remote island and then turned into a stone statue in the cave.

3. Sung Sot Cave (Surprise Cave)

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Lying in the Centre of Ha Long Bay, Sung Sot cave is a large cave including two chambers. The first chamber looks like a theatre hall decorated with the stalactites on the ceiling. The visitors can go to the second chamber by a small passage. The light filtering through a huge opening brings the natural skylight the grotto and creating amazing scenery. The second chamber is so spectacular that thousands of people can stay. This cave is one of the most stunning Halong Bay caves which covers about 10,000 m2 with thousands of stalactites and stalagmites. There is a legend of this cave. Legend has it, after Thanh Giong (Saint Giong) helped people to fight against the invaders; he came back to the heaven and left the stone horse and sword there. And this is the reason why the cave is similar to the shape of a horse and a sword.

4. Thien Cung Grotto

This is one of the most attractive caves in the UNESCO World Heritage area. There are many strange images on the stone from birds, fish to the scenes of human life. On the north, there are some beautiful fairies that is dancing and singing in honor of the wedding while in some place, the visitors can hear the sound of a drum created by the wind blowing through the stone. There are many legends of this cave that the tourists might be as the story of a young lady named May and the Dragon Prince or the legend of May and her 100 children.

With about 1969 islands, Ha Long Bay is definitely an awesome destination for tourists. The natural beauty with mighty caverns and limestone karsts and islets certainly satisfy every travelers stepping on this natural wonder. In the past, the tourists could have dinner in caves, however they are not allowed anymore, please pay attention! The entrance ticket for each cave is 50,000 VND. Now, it is time to have a Halong Bay package with the gorgeous cave!


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