Tourists are captivated by not only magnificent and charming beauty of islands, white beaches and spectacular limestone system, but also seafood specialties of Halong Bay. It will be a flaw in your trip if not enjoy Halong’s delicacies.

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Fried squid ball


Fried squid ball has become popular in daily meals of local people in Halong. Nowadays, it steals the hearts of thousands of tourists coming to Halong by its toughness, brittleness and the smell of squid. It can be served with the sticky rice, rolled cake. The fried squid ball has a fresh yellow, passionate fragrance and a delicious flavor wining a point for us to approach the recipe. Standing in front of a stall filled with pieces of fuming fried squid balls, visitors will not be able to resist its attraction. The best way to enjoy full flavor of fried squid ball is tasting a piece of warm squid ball right in the stall.

Quang Yen Sam (carcinoscorpius rotundicauda)

sam seafood

Quang Yen, the small town in Quang Ninh province, is renowned for a kind of flavor high nutritional value seafood – sam. Visit Halong bay, tourists should not miss the chance to enjoy mouth-watering dishes from sam such as fried sweet and sour sam’s legs, sam pudding, sam salad, sam sauteed peppers, fried eggs…

Ngan (Austriella corrugata)

Ngan (Austriella corrugata) is a kind of krills living in mangrove estuaries. Ngan can be processed into such dishes as: grilled, steamed, cooked porridge, stir-fried with vegetables or noodles. Particularly, male visitors are very interested in Ngan wine with the unique flavor. Ngan is not popular, so the price is quite high; however, you also can buy it in Cai Ram or Vuon Dao markets.

Gat Gu cake

gat gu cake

Visit Halong, should not miss to enjoy cake having the strange name “gat gu”. Gat Gu cake – the special cake, is similar to steamed rolled rice pancake. The main ingredient is rice flour, adding a bit cold rice then being well coated. It is often served with sauce, meat storage vessel. You will feel the softness of bread, greasy aroma of meat pie when taste this cake. You can enjoy this cake in parts of Quang Ninh; however the most famous in Tien Yen.

Nem Chao

nem chao

Nem Chao is confidently considered one of the prides of the people in Quang Yen – Ha Long. As a great cuisine, the food is a combination of three: sour, specifically spicy, sweet and really flavorful when being essentially dipped into chutney to add tastes for the recipe.

Hoanh Bo soaked rice wine

What makes Hoanh Bo rice wine attractive is that it made from a kind if special glutinous rice, only found in Halong. Glutinous rice is soaked with a kind of leaves in the forest, making rice fermented, after turned into wine. Hoanh Bo glutinous wine is slightly sweet, tasty, especially refreshing in the summer.


Lobster is available in many places but you just find its unique flavor in Halong. Lobsters are nutritious and delicious when are processed into many dishes such as steamed lobster, fried lobster with salt, lobster salad, etc. Steamed lobster is considered one of the most wonderful dishes as it keeps the full flavor of the sea. Lobsters are green when alive, turn to pink when steamed. Steamed lobster is decorated with onions and herbs, served with soy sauce or fish sauce.

Fried Sea Snails with Chili Sauce


Fried sea snails with chili sauce is one of the most favorite dishes of people in Halong, especially men when enjoy it with fresh beer. Snails are washed, and put in a pot. Then adding chili sauce and cook without adding water and cooking oil. When completed, snails fried has passionate fragrant and fuming. A snail dish is eye-catching with pink color, red dots and yellow dots of snails. This dish tastes greasy, spicy hot, usually added with herbs.


Oysters are available in some coastal regions in Vietnam, but most delicious oysters are the ones living in brackish water. Oysters can be processed into a number of dishes; each has its own distinctive flavors: baking oysters, cooking with porridge. However, to keep its taste and nutrition, steamed or boiled oyster is the best dishes. The oyster processing stage is quite complicated when firstly use a brush to clean the soil outside oyster’s cover and then soak oysters in water to clean the soil inside. Boiling oysters requires sophistication and dexterity. If the oyster is soaked in hot water too long, it will lose nutritional value and aesthetic. People often add lemongrass leaves when boiling oysters, boil them until air bubbles rise.

 Quang Yen Horseshoe Crab

Everyone knows about horseshoe crab in Quang Yen, Halong. From the gift of the sea- fresh and natural horseshoe crabs, people in the small bay can create many different dishes including horseshoe crab salad, deep fried horseshoe crabs’ eggs, steamed horseshoe crab, etc. Travellers can enjoy dishes cooked from sea horseshoe crabs in the town of Quang Yen, Quang Ninh province or at seaside restaurants in Halong city.


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