I always dream to the day, I can walk slowly on Hoi An acient streets, looking each conner streets, each green fence and each flower pots on balcony. And a day trip from Hoi An will make my mood rise up. Actualy in my mind, I will find the peace when I come back this land.

hoian ancient street

hoi an nice

If you have ever come to Hoi An ancient, I sure that you knew about the long history of this land, that is the begining  of the Cham culture and nowaday there are have many statues, the temples with Cham culture. With me, all the small narrow streets, all the ancient houses are covered by the time. when I close my eyes, I can imagine each yellow wall in the afternoon sunlight and the gates were obscured by the dark green bushes. Coming here, I can feel the time’s colour on the girls’s smile, girl’s eyes. Hoi an is pretty as a picture with ancient and quiet colors of Asia and that is the most beautiful place for visiting. Moreover, when the dark is coming, Hoi An appears in the flickering light of the lanterns. That’s really interesting when looking all the people walk around the street, buy and sell on the street market. They make noisier and they make Hoi an’s charmer. Enjoy Hoi an, I think life rhythm more slowed, the beat  as breathing of the time.

hoi an nightlife

In my mind, Hoi an is beautiful like a secret girl that we always want to look but we can’t discover. Hence, we are losing in Hoian’s beauty, be groggy in Hoi an ancient. Let’s enjoy this ancient city by heart, you’ll have the great gift from Hoi an.


by Biru/TSA


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