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The ancient city of Hoi An has launched a variety of tourism promotions between May and August, officials at the city’s Culture and Sport Centre said.

hoi an town

Promotions include a free ticket when a group of 15 tourists book a visit to the old quarter in Hoi An, while a five-member group staying at a home-stay or hotel in Hoi An will be awarded one ticket to visit the old quarter.

According to the centre, restaurants and tailors will also offer promotions of 10 to 20 percent discounts, while hotels and resorts offer 10 to 40 percent discounts for tourists during the three-month promotion.

Additionally, groups of 10 to 13 tourists booking a tour and staying on Cham Island on Saturday, 18km off the coast of Hoi An beach, will receive three free tickets to explore the World Biosphere reserve on the island.

Also, a series of cultural programmes will be organised in July in celebration of summer holidays, including the Friday Street Food Festival at Dong Hiep night market, the Hoi An Carpentry Crafts Day, the beach tourism Day on Cham Island, lantern releasing in the Hoai River and Wedding Photos at Hoi An exhibition.

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