Compared to most major cities in other countries, Vietnam is very safe because of less threatening. However, in some of the more popular travel landscapes in Vietnam, there are still exit tourist scams and lack of safe hazards for visitors. Therefore, this article mentions more information some common tourist scams in Vietnam. Actually, it guides to readers avoid any negative activities to get the safe and awesome trips.

Transport tricks

Illegal taxi drivers in Vietnam have some tricks to earn more money from customers, especially foreigners. The most popular ways is using a modified meter which runs faster than others so the higher values of prices appear in the machine. They also get more money from travellers by running the longer the trip.

How to avoid: In order to avoid the taxi scam, you should get a car of trustworthy brands, like Taxi Group, Mai Linh, Vinasun and so on. Better yet, you can visit the Tripadvisor. Com to be guided more experience in the trip. Otherwise, you can download the Grab and Uber taxi software to call them because of its quality and price.


Motorcycle-taxi or called “Xe Om” is one of the most popular vehicles in Vietnam because it is cheaper than Taxi and also reduces the traffic jam. There are many Xe Om in everywhere as anyone has just motorbike can use for this job and they don’t need the certification in the career. Customers suppose the cost going by motorbike is lower than taxi however, they offer a very high fee. The drivers recognize that foreigners don’t the distance between two places so they said higher price than local people.

How to avoid:  You should negotiate rates, or ensure the meter is in fact by checking the Google Map before you get in the “Xe Om”.

Over charging and confusing currency

Over charging

After choosing goods in the shop, you need to make sure the price before taking it. There are many cases fake prices higher than the real value of goods, especially in markets, some shops. The solution for this situation is bargain lower cost many reduce a haft of a price they said. Maybe you conflict others currency between USD and “dong”, let’s check carefully. Some restaurants in Vietnam have the scam list their price doesn’t appear on the menu. If guests ask about the price, they usually avoid the answer or answer vaguely. When meals end, the staff in the restaurant will give bills for customers, the price is usually unacceptable, which is so much expensive compared to the quality of food and the market price. Tourists cannot declare to them as they ate the food already and must pay the bills to leave.

Vietnamscam 2

How to avoid: You need to discover the large restaurants which list the detail price in the menu. Or if the restaurants don’t have the price on a menu, you must ask the price before calling something.

Confusing currency

Many foreigners have the mistake currency when paying the products. Firstly, they should understand the currency rate because sellers usually say the price of goods following to Vietnamese money unit. Travellers can end up with the wrong change. Especially, all of you need to remember the appearance of Vietnamese money to avoid the mistake. For example, 20 thousand of paper is different a little bit with 500 thousand of paper. In other cases, some travellers can be stolen the budgets. Another lesson is that tourist tries to have correct money and keeps the money out of their reach until you’re ready to hand it over.

Hotel Scam

Many foreigners just know a few things about the country when they enter Vietnam. Therefore, some local hotels have very cunning plans to trap them. You can find very cheap accommodation right through to the five-star luxury hotel, with the comfort of seeing lots of reviews and feedback. However, it has just been their advertisement for “fake” reputation. Inexperienced tourists can easily be trapped. Moreover, some hotels also demand that you pay more as the fee advertised was for one person and not for one room. It is usually double rooms. Besides this, some hotels advertise certain facilities online including a fireplace or air conditioning. However, to use them in your room, they will demand additional fees! They must pay a large amount of money as the price.

Vietnamscam 3

How to avoid: is recommended not only a highly reputable hotel booking service, but they advise a customer service team to manage any problems you may have with the hotel booking. Actually, you should check all bills and make yourself aware of items in your minibar.

Book tour

Nowadays, booking the tour is more popular to travel in Vietnam because tourists can overcome some scams based on the guide. It means that checking the address of the hotel you have been taken to matches the one in your guide book or brochure. When booking tours, many companies don’t mention clear what is included.  Some tourists travelling with disreputable tour companies have reported that their trips include a small fraction of what was quoted on their itinerary. Many travellers have a mistake to book with a company which has “Fake” reputation of famous companies. They seem to have good-to-mixed reviews online which are cautious when using a travel agent to purchase train tickets. This results in a popular scam with private travel agents where you will pay them to book a soft sleeper ticket; they then book you a cheaper hard sleeper ticket.

Vietnamscam 4

How to avoid: Let’s find out more information on their website about the booking tour including the contract. And tourists need to ask the travel company both of trip and price. hopes that the list of tourist scams in Vietnam will help you protect from the negative activities to get a safe trip. Talk to us some problems met, we are willing to advise some tips for travellers.




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