Vietnam country is great opportunities to visit the peaceful sceneries, the awesome beaches and daily life of local people. You can enjoy many different types of tasty tropical fruits taste a tasteful cup, traditional foods and visit traditional handcrafted villages and the largest floating market in some destinations. In this article, we pleasure to provide you the useful tips to get the cheap Vietnam tours package in the unforgettable destinations in this country.

Preparation period for Vietnam Tours Package

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First of all, you should prepare the visa or passport on time. You need to find out what you use. For example, if you are a citizen in Southeast Asian and tend to stay under 30 days in Vietnam, you have just needed a passport. If you do not belong to this situation, please prepare the visa. Secondly, you should book the plane ticket as soon as to get the lower price. As you know that the price of ticket fluctuates following the traveling season. Vietnam has two international airports like Noi Bai in Hanoi and Tan Son Nhat in Ho Chi Minh. In the trip, to transfer between two destinations, you can call the bus, motorbike, train, taxi or plane,… which depends on the distance. With the taxi, we offer some belief brands for you are Uber, Grab, Mai Linh, Noi Bai, Thanh Cong,… to avoid fraud the cost. Thirdly, one suggestion for you is to have just bought the necessary items from your country to overload the kilogram of luggage. If you want to bring the heavy luggage and buy many souvenirs, you should buy extra the weight package. Or you can buy something in Vietnam because the goods are not expensive. Additionally, choosing the suitable tour firm is very important to you. In Vietnam, nowadays, there are many brand tours, you can refer the price of the tour on the Internet and book the brand with the cheap price.

Traveling period in Vietnam Tours Package

Whether Vietnam tours last long or short, you still have an awesome experience in their trip in Vietnam. The following destinations in this country will be ideal places for having new looks and help you refresh after a long period of working and studying. If your team is crowded, you should travel by yourself as it will save more money than by tour. So you can set up the schedule and choose the type of transportation to move among places. On contrast, your team includes lower three people you should book the tour. And you can select the meal, foods, drinks, hotels.

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We will offer some suitable schedule to save time and money for you. In the Northern region, you can spend 5 days to discover the most famous destinations. On the first day, coming to Hanoi capital, you will grace both of modern and traditional points in the historical city. Following the trip, you should spend two days in Sapa exploring the exclusive piece with many beautiful sights like the highest mountain peak in Vietnam and Indochina or the most beautiful terrace. The next stop destination is Halong Bay which gives you the paradise emotion by the stunning caves and the big world park. The same to Northern area, you also spend five days discovering the Central region. For example, on the first two days, you will visit the most famous places in Hue such as the tombs, Cham Museum, Non Nuoc Beach, Lang Co Beach, Citadel. On the next two days, you will discover some particular destinations in Hoian like Tam Ky House, Chua Ong Pagoda, Chinese Assembly Halls and Japanese Bridge Pagoda and Cu Lao Cham. The final place in Central is Danang which has many delicious foods attracting foreigners. Continuously, the most popular trip in Southern region is beginning from Ho Chi Minh city to Mekong Delta and Phu Quoc island during 7 days.
If you travel by the tour, you must know the meal they offer for you. And you should ask them the detail of package and compare between providers to get the suitable brands. Of course, you don’t need to apply their meal to save money.
To save more money, you can search the popular restaurants in Foody app which is the tool created by the experience. Especially, you can know the price of foods and the relief restaurants.

Where do you stay in Vietnam Tours Package?

Hotels will help outfit you with a tour. As their name and reputation depend upon it, it stands a good chance the tour will be good. You can book either, a personal guide or group tour. Meanwhile, hostels, guesthouses, and homestays often deal with budget tours, which also adapt the needs of clients. Often, their markup is very little to none. The hostel assured you they were very good. With some destinations like Sapa, Ha Giang, Mekong Delta, the best choice for you is to book the homestay to overnight as it is cheaper and it helps you approach the life of local people. With Halong Bay and other beach places, you should travel and overnight on the cruises to get the awesome trip. Another type you can stay is resort which wastes more budget than others.

Shopping in Vietnam Tours Package

Vietnam has many souvenirs which adapt satisfaction of foreigners. Especially, each of destinations offers the particular souvenirs so you should get to keep the memory in the trip. For distances, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are largest cities in Vietnam has various products like clothes, silks, paintings, dried foods and so on. Sapa, Ha Giang and other mountain destinations are famous for the handicrafts are brocades created by a wide variety of shapes, colors and purposes, are made by ethnic minority people from different regions of Vietnam. Halong Bay, Phu Quoc island and other beaches are popular with dried seafood and related goods in the sea. One recommendation for you is to search the price before buying or search the shop. The most popular places attractive more buyers are the largest markets like Dong Xuan in Hanoi, Bac Ha in Sapa, Bai Chay in Halong, Cai Rang in Mekong Delta and Ben Thanh in Saigon. However, you should bargain the price sellers provide for you.


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