Finishing a tour in the bustling Hanoi city, you should choose the next stop destination is Sapa. Sapa tour from Hanoi is an excellent journey for your trip on holidays. Read this article, you will be easy to choose a suitable tour visiting many famous landscapes for getting the adventure. The tour attracts all domestic and foreign tourists by its climate, natural landscapes, and specialties. Travel Sense Asia pleasures to provide the best tour with reasonable price for tourists.

On the first day

You will transfer to your hotel from Noi Bai airport and spend the first day discovering several popular places in Hanoi. For example, Hoan Kiem Lake called Turtle Lake which located on the central place of city attracting locals and tourists throughout the day. Den Ngoc Son is dedicated to the spirits of the soil and literature. At the southeast corner of the lake and is opposite to the lake, the enormous Hanoi Post Office stands, which marks the northern fringe of the French Quarter.


Then, you should take a cyclo tour of Hanoi Old Quarter will continue your trip to Hanoi. Hanoi Old Quarter is constructed both of old-styled and modern – styled streets to adapt to the dynamic atmosphere. Then, you come to Dong Xuan market to buy some necessary items to prepare for Sapa trip. You should choose the shoes should be soft, thick, waterproof and have good friction, high neck and sweat absorbing. Besides, it ensures to carry another belonging such as phone, backup charger, medicine, notebook sleeping bag and so on.

Ending one day in Hanoi, you need to take a taxi to a bus station or if you book the tour, their bus will pick up you directly at your hotel

On the next 2 days

You need to spend two days and one night to catch up the top of Fansipan Peak which is the hard trekking in Indochina. Before starting the trekking you should prepare enough the necessary items which bought in Hanoi. After meeting your tour guide, you are picked up by a car nearly 15 kilometers from Sapa town to begin the start of the climb to Fansipan Mountain. You should ask her/him about the experience in the itinerary to save the energy which helps easily achieve the target. You start climbing at the Park Rangers’ Station at a height of 2,000 meters.


Throughout this climb, you can observe and learn about the local cardamom plants, and the uses they have for this local area. As we trek up to the height of 2,200m, we relax with a picnic lunch. Then, you keep on trekking up to the height of 2,800m and taking in the spectacular views along the way. Continuously, trekking to the campsite crossing the primary forest where people can see giant old pine trees and more bamboo. One suggestion for you is spending their night sleeping in the tent in the mountain slope facing west, near a mountain stream, dinner is cooked on the campfire.

On the second trekking day

You have breakfast together before continue moving to the very top of Fansipan Mountain. Around 10.00-10.30 a.m, you can celebrate the victorious achievement as we arrive at the very top, 3,143 meters above sea level. You absorb the combination of the fresh air and beautiful views of the green forest landscape from above. On the way back, you will pass Cat Cat village and cross Muong Hoa River before approaching the foot of the mountain. Cat Cat village is located in a beautiful valley, which is also the old village of ethnic groups. And then it attracts foreigners for its distinctive customs and practices which have been lost in almost ethnic villages. This is a village of Black H’mong people where you can discover many interesting facts about their daily life as well as culture and architecture. Moreover, you can enjoy the body and foot massage with a soothing herbal medicine.


Muong Hoa in Sapa is well-known as one of the famous destinations for breathtaking scenery with the big terrace rice. This valley has mysterious graphics with at least 159 stones. Discovering Muong Hoa Valley, you will to enjoy its breathtaking landscapes and meet the life of Black H’mong, Zay and Red Zao. Otherwise, Muong Hoa River peacefully flows through the valley, weaving itself along foot of mountains. On rice season, the rice farmland valley is mixed different shades of green and yellow.

7.00 p.m: You come back your hotel and have a relax after two tired days.

On the fourth day

After finishing breakfast, you transfer to Ta Phin village located in Sapa District, about 12 kilometers northeast of Sapa Town. The village is surrounded by mountains with the rice terraces. In Ta Phin Village, there are two ethnic minorities living like the Red Dao and the Black Mong. Therefore, it is this time for the tourists experience the unmixed cultural life of Black Hmong and Red Dzao minorities. You come to Ta Phin can find many distinctively hand-made brocades made by ethnic people. All of the products has a numerous bright colors and patterns such as a bag, purse, skirt, and even backpack and coat. You will have a lunch cooked by the ethnic group.


Then, you continuously come back to Sapa town to visit the stone church, which is situated in the central position; the backside of the church relies on Ham Rong Mountain and its front side overlooks the lowland. It’s said that the direction of the church is the east, the direction of the sunrise. According to the old conception, it’s regarded as the light direction of the God that brings the good things to the humans. The Church was made from the shaped stones in combination with a mixture of sand, lime, and molasses even from the smallest details; that makes the church becomes more special. Currently, Sapa Stone Church is a religion for belonging people as well as locals and foreigners. Moreover, it is also the main place for keeping many cultural traditional activities of the ethnic people in there.

In the late afternoon transfer to the station for bus to Hanoi and finish your itinerary.


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