Vietnam is a friendly and safe place to travel. With a sprinkling of common sense, your trip should be smooth and trouble free. However, some tourists met some problems during the trip in Vietnam country. Today, we will give the essential information with a cool head and sensible planning for you to get the Vietnam tourism safety.

Well-preparation for luggage

Of course, after you read the weather forecast, you will set up the plan what to visit in Vietnam. The weather will also have an impact on the clothing to bring on the Vietnam. You can arrange enough clothes in the luggage to avoid overloading kilogram. If you come to the bustling destinations, you can buy the suitable dresses with acceptable price. Plus, you also prepare sandals to make comfortable when walking on the road.

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Otherwise, you can bring your mobile phone to search more clearly the necessary information anytime you want.  When you are landing at the airport, you need to buy a Vietnamese pre-paid Sim card to contact your partners to avoid misleading. The camera is also the important for travelers save the best moments when coming to Vietnam. Another tool cannot lack is backup charger to provide enough energy for your devices.

Booking the safe tour firm

One of the most things is booking the safe tour, which helps tourists to overcome some scams during the trip. Thus, you should read carefully the quality of tour brand as the schedule of the plan to be suitable for your trip on their website about the booking tour including the contract. And tourists need to ask the travel company both of trip and price. Otherwise, you should find out the information clearly about the guarantee package.

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Currently, booking the tour is more popular to travel in Vietnam because tourists can overcome some scams based on the guide. It means that checking the address of the hotel you have been taken to matches the one in your guidebook or brochure.

Staying healthy

Stay healthy is also the advice for family trip to Vietnam. Short vacations can be easily brought the health risks for your family. Thus, using above tips to keep your happy and healthy during the trip in Vietnam

Hotel safety: When you come to Vietnam, of course, you have a lot of choices to stay in any accommodations. However, you should discover the convenience of hotels. One thing you need to know that you must change several hotels by transferring to other places. Moreover, you also keep your luggage safety.

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Food safety: The most trend foods which foreigners like is street food, but you need to be careful where. Or you can choose the famous restaurant to ensure the quality of foods. Be careful to bring anything that will melt because it will turn to mush in the heat here.

Drink safety: First of all, please ensure that you have received all our recommended shots before coming to Vietnam. The climate is one the reason making you choose the types of water as it affects your health. One advice for you is coming to the famous or crowded restaurants because its quality will be recognized.

Avoiding Theft and Petty Crime

To get Vietnam tourism safety, you must keep the important items in the trip as you need to avoid theft and petty crime. For example, some crucial items may be stolen such as cameras, laptops, visa, wallet, and rucksacks. You should carry a photocopy of your passport and visa to make sure its safe. Good common sense can help to reduce the chances of this happening, and trying to avoid making yourself a target is very wise advice. Sometimes, foreigners can meet one of the theft methods is from the back of a motorbike as these can easily be grabbed from a moving bike, so makes sure you keep a hand on any bags. And you need to remember to bring anything when getting out of the taxi.

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Ensuring the face value of money

One good tip is that you avoid the mistake currency when paying the products. Firstly, they should understand the currency rate because sellers usually say the price of goods following to Vietnamese money unit. Travellers can end up with the wrong change. Especially, all of you need to remember the appearance of Vietnamese money to avoid the mistake. For example, 20 thousand of paper is different a little bit with 500 thousand of paper. In other cases, some travellers can be stolen the budgets. Another lesson is that tourist tries to have correct money and keeps the money out of their reach until you’re ready to hand it over.

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Finally, if you make sure the five essential points in your mind, you completely get the Vietnam tourism safety. Anyway, let’s send any questions for us to clear your troubles.


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