When the yellow Rice terrace are brilliant in September that is the time for discovery traveler come and enjoy the wonderful scenes in Mu Cang Chai ( Yen Bai province) in the North Vietnam. This is the best beautiful Mu Cang Chai Vietnam in the year because you can see only the yellow color that cover all of rice terraces.

Mu Cang Chai full view

Race terraces like the soft waves on the land

Absolutely I can say  the way from Nghia Lo to Mu Cang Chai Vietnam is the amazing way I have ever gone. Only here, you can see the beautiful majestic landscape with winding road, embrace the endlessly terraced fields. When the dark is coming, full of atmosphere is the song, traditional dances around the big fire of Thai minority ethnic people after their work hard day.

kids in mu cang chai

The best famous Rice terraces field in Mu Cang Chai is Che Cu Nha, La Pan Tan, De Su Phinh. La Pan Tan is one of the  Hmong villages highland of Mu Cang Chai that is far from 15 kilometers to the town. The rice terraces fields are cascading, layered spread across the hills. When you ride and pass through the erect slopes to Che Cu Nha, you can see over your eyes with the vast Rice Terraces that look like the yellow small hills between green mountains. each terrace step serial together from top to down like a giant ladder appear in your eyes.. That’s amazing!

Rice terrace in La Pan Tan, Mu Cang Chai

Beside that, you have chance to visit Suoi Giang ( Giang stream), enjoy a cup of San Tuyet Suoi Giang green tea or be immersed in the clear water of warm stream in Bon village. In addition, when you stand in Khau Pa pass which is one of four great passes in the North Vietnam, the longest, the most dangerous and beautiful, we sure you will fall into the top of the mountain. So, enjoying the beautiful landscapes, feeling the clouds embrace the peak mountains, set off your hairs, pass through your hand. That’s great feeling!

Moreover, have you ever seen the girls ethnic people take a bath nude in the warm lake? In the late noon, when they the work off after the busy day, coming Tu Le lake, put off slowly their traditional dress, put dress on their head and start immersed in warm water. Looking this scene, I ask myself are these the fairies in the fairy tales? blinking my eyes, i recognize that this is truth. taking a bath in the warm lake is the daily life habit in your life. It makes strong impression in my mind. That’s charm!

Rice terraces

What amazing rice terraces!

Hence, coming Mu Cang Chai, you will be deep inside by the charm of rice terraces landscapes and the girls’s beauty nature is great experiences that you should not miss in Vietnam. Furthermore, in September, there have a Rice terraces Festival with many traditional culture activities.  This is one of the best biggest meaningful Festival in the North Vietnam holidays.




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