Phong Nha Cave, being a part of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, is a famous destination in the central Quang Binh Province for the aesthetic value. About 50 km to the south west of Dong Hoi City and nearly 500 km the south of Ha Noi Capital is the location of Phong Nha Cave.
Coming to here, you‘ll experience the interesting feeling when you take a motor boat trip along the poetic Son River.This time is a chance for you to enjoy the natural scenery of appealing areas surrounding the charming Son River. These are some houses roofed with brown and red tiles under bamboo groves and green forests on massive limestone mountains. What a peaceful picture ! Along this way, you ‘ll catch sight of majestic Truong Son range, which is associated with the Resistance War against America of our brave country.
phong nha cave

After about thirty-minute , the large mouth of the Phong Nha Cave will open before your eyes. Its mouth is about 10 meters in height and 25 meters in width. The impression you get at that time is not only the mostly wet climate, mixed with a little cool air sent out from the cave but also so many images of sublime nature. In there, the driver will turn the boat off and do a swap with using paddles for propelling the boat.

After a few-minute boat section, you’ll get off and go for a walk to explore the cave on your own way. The deeper you go into the cave, the more surprised you feel at its beauty. The karst formation process has led to the creation of both underground rivers and a variety of striking rock formations which are interestingly described in many different ways as ‘tiger’, ‘lion’, ‘elephant’, or ‘new-born baby’…

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We’re sure that you’ll be impressed with the large number of stalactites and stalagmites with various shapes in the cave when you continue going deeper to explore as well as admire more breathtaking beauty of the most beautiful system of stalactites. It’s known as the fairy hair of the women. From the short distance, you also have opportunity to see the love castle with a romantic couple, a big golden bell and particularly a statue of Guanyin. Their variety will be a world for you enrich your imagination in a fee way. They seem very glamorous and sparkle impressively in the colorful electric lights.

phong nha cave 4

phong nha cave 43

They’re also the main factor creating many fantastic photos which help you keep invaluable memories.
Phong Nha-Ke Bang has been recognized as a world natural heritage site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) at its 27th general assembly session being held in Paris.
There are “seven best” things, including the most beautiful underground river, the highest and largest cave gate, the most beautiful sand and stone bank, the most beautiful underground lake, the most beautiful and the widest dry cave, the most miraculous and magnificent stalactite, and the longest water cave.

Let’s go there and explore the Cave on your own with Travel Sense Asia !

By Nguyễn Thành


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