Da Lat a holiday town in Central Highlands of Vietnam is one of the must-go attractions that you can’t miss. Unique architectures with the harmony of ancient features and modern characteristics, picturesque lakes and falls, fantastic lines of pine trees are all waiting for you in a wonderful weather all year round. Don’t be hesitating anymore since it is time for you travelling to this must-go destination – Da Lat.

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Best time to visit

Perching at 1,500 meters above sea level, Da Lat is favored by the nature with cool weather and natural conditions which idealizes the city to be one of the most tourist attractions in the southern zone of Viet Nam. The climate in Da Lat always stays good for tourists most of the time. Though it is a wonderful place for you get away from the hot weather, it often rains a lot and that’s why you should pick this destination during the dry season, from August to next April, when Dalat is the most beautiful and attractive. In general, the cool weather in Da Lat do not share much the same with other regions in Viet Nam, you can visit it all year round.


If you manage your trip to Da Lat, you will not be bothered by the transportation at all since there are many transport systems inside the city and combined to others provinces. Coming to Da Lat, you can travel by airway and railway, even by coaches. As it is a mid-sized city, people enjoy travelling by compact vehicles like hired motorbikes, bikes, motor taxis or even horse carriages. However, open-tour buses and taxis are always worth you a try everywhere in the city. In some places like Truc Lam, cables are also available for you.

Things to do in Dalat

Visiting unique religious constructions
Da Lat looks like it crosses the architectures of both Viet Nam and France when it was invested in constructions by the colonial; however, it still remains its pristine beauty by ancient religious architectures like Linh Phuoc, Thien Vuong and Truc Lam. Though it was recently built, Truc Lam Pagoda located on Phuong Hoang Mountain near Tuyen Lam Lake is getting more and more popular as the prettiest and the best-kept pagoda in Da Lat with a cast bronze bell and many Buddha images. Besides, you can spend time visiting Linh Phuoc pagoda – one of the most well-known pagodas in Vietnam with the tallest bell tower of 37m in the country and its own colorful Buddha paintings. Da Lat Cathedral or Cock Church is so famous for not only it unique architecture but also it best view to contemplate the city in four directions. These pagodas, cathedrals and many other ones must be your interesting destinations to exploring the unique architectures and pristinely majestic beauty of each religious ones. Cam Ly, Van Hanh, Lam Ty Ly and Linh Phong are also recommended for you.

Exploring picturesque lakes and waterfalls
Da Lat provides you for a series of fabulous waterfalls and lakes, ranging from peaceful small ones to impressively superb water attractions. The best recommend for you must be The Lake of Sighs, the Lake in the Valley of Love, Xuan Huong Lake and charming waterfalls that can’t help mentioning such as Prenn Falls, Pongour Falls, and Elephant Falls. Although the name “Lake of Sighs” originated from lots of sad tales of lovers occurring here has unhappy connotations, the lake is a natural lake that mesmerizes numerous visitors to Da Lat as one of the best-known destination in Viet Nam, especially young couples. Besides the 20m high magnificent and powerful Pongour Falls, the dramatic Elephant Falls or Lieng Rewoa Waterfall with it legendary history behind the superb but pristine attraction must be on your must-see list to Da Lat. You also shouldn’t miss Da Nhim Lake, Dan Kia Lake, Tuyen Lam Lake, Dantala Fall, Cambri waterfalls if you want to get the best memories of a natural paradise so-called Da Lat.

Experiencing the local customs

It can’t miss going to the markets on your trip of exploring the local life and culture. Da Lat market and Am Phu one are so high recommended for you experiencing and buy you some beautiful costumes and specilities of Da Lat like mulberry juice, artichoke tea, dried mixed beans, and jams. Or you can stay in local houses as a kind of hired accommodation here then listen to interesting stories and knowledge about this beautiful and peaceful place.

Enjoying exciting outdoor activities

Paddle boats and motorboats take lovers out and away on the lake. There are horses and horse-drawn carriages to be hired too.
To contemplate the panorama views of Da Lat, people coming here usually spend time enjoying picnicking, cycling and jogging, horse-cart riding and riding swan paddle boats even celebrating weddings and enjoying forgettable honeymoons. You also remember to participate in attractive festivals and occasions in Da Lat such as Tea festival,

Food in Dalat

Coming to Da Lat, you have an opportunity to enjoy the Da Lat specialties including Vin and special fruit wine (peach fruit, strawberries, mulberries, etc), jams, Bao Loc tea, artichoke tea, and fresh local fruits and vegetables (cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, artichokes, celery, peas, carrots, potatoes, chayote, improving sweet). It is a place providing you for a wide variety of 4-zone cuisines gathering in this tourist attraction.
If you have time, do not miss Crazy House, Cat Tien National Park, Lang Biang highland, Van Thanh Flower Village for your best trips to Da Lat.


– In Viet Nam, it is asked for a valid Vietnamese driver’s license to ride motorbikes, so please consider carefully before you move to rent a motorbike in Da Lat for your tripping.
– There is no traffic light in Da Lat.
– Remember to try a cup of Da Lat coffee.


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