Christmas is just around the corner. And in the 32nd countries in terms of the largest number of Catholic believers in the world, the festive atmosphere can be felt almost everywhere. On this special occasion, let’s travel back in the history flow to see how Christianity has developed in Vietnam. The Very First Steps Of […]

A pink Church. A cordial Christmast market right at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. A 150-year-old building of history. The list of impressive names go on with Tan Dinh Church. This Christmas, if you happen to be in Vietnam’s most hustle and bustle city, don’t miss this one-of-a-kind religious destination. The Christmas market […]

Christmas is coming closer and closer. If you plan to say your prayers for this unique Christmas in Hanoi, here are the 7 age-old churches you should definitely check in. St. Joseph’s Cathedral – Hanoi Instead of St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Vietnames usually calls this church by a more casual name, Nhà thờ Lớn Hà Nội […]

Solemnly decorated churches and cathedrals, Christmas-airy shopping malls and centers, new-organized streets with Noel decorative and lines of people flocking to prepare for the Christmas are those you can witness when coming to Viet Nam this December. Many tourists now tend to have their Christmas day in Viet Nam to enjoy the festivity in the […]

There is only 2 weeks left to one of the greatest celebration over the world, Christmas Eve. Although Catholicism is not national religion in Vietnam, Christmas atmosphere still pervades the whole of big cities, especially Hanoi. Let’s take a tour to the capital and enjoy the novelty that the Eastern Santa Claus brings. Christmas in […]

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