F1 Race or the Grand Prix is among the most competitive and dangerous contest in the world. It also attracts a huge group of an international audience for mind-blowing performances on the circuit. Everyone is excited about the upcoming race in April 2020. In meanwhile, let’s list out the most 20 amazing facts about Grand […]

The most prestigious motor racing – Grand Prix 2020 – is coming to the capital city of Vietnam in April 2020. For sports enthusiasts and tourists to Vietnam during this time, it is definitely the greatest thrill of all. But what to expect in such a historical event? And how to prepare for the one […]

Hanoi will become the third country in Southeast Asia to organize an F1 Race in 2020 together with Monaco, Singapore, and Azerbaijan. Long known for an emerging city in tourism, will Hanoi be a perfect match for the top-flight racing crowd? Obviously if not, director of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), Charlie Whiting hadn’t chosen […]

For the first time to host the most fantastic race in the world, Vietnam has been constructing a brand new circuit for the Grand Prix Hanoi 2020. A lot of preparation a lot for the ultimate experience of both the racers. While the audience has been done and the world is exciting to see the […]

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