As an emerging country for incentive travel, Vietnam offers an extensive selection of cities to fit this specialized travel type. In addition to the world-famous Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh, Halong promises to be the next hit for company trips. Today, we will help you understand the great charm of Halong for incentive […]

Business is always evolving. So is the tourism industry, especially with such a new travel type as an incentive trip. Aware of the tremendous benefits of rewarding holidays in terms of business revenue and employee retention, more and more companies lay considerable emphasis on incentive travel planning. This has raised the standard of the overall […]

According to the Association of International Conferences, in 2005, international meetings around the world worth a total sum of 280 billion USD per year. Taking advantage of this huge resource, Vietnam took the lead in nurturing a new form of tourism. The country has put quite a name for a hot destination in terms of […]

Incentive travel is a hot trend for firms and organizations to drive revenue and foster internal solidarity. Still, it involves a great deal of preparation to make the dream journey for the company come true, starting from choosing the right destination. With more than 10 years of conducting incentive trips for large corporations, we want […]

Working for the personnel department, caring for the material and spiritual life of other employees as well as nurturing the company culture is never a piece of cake… Due to the fast-changing society, modern workers seem to lose interest in traditional types of compensation and benefits. As a result, some HR departments are struggling to […]

In recent years, it seems that ordinary types of rewards at work are falling flat. Employees no longer show great interest in gift cards, commission, and free stuff. As chief executives, it’s really demanding to come up with a new idea to motivate the labor force, boosting the company loyalty and driving revenue. But don’t […]

Incentive travel is a powerful tool to drive your company’s revenue, lower the turnover rate and tighten the bond among employees. However, as the decision-makers, the board of management and the HR executives come up with a myriad of issues before a successful incentive tour is triggered. Balancing Between Cost And Effect The very first […]

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