Banh mi or Pho must have got to your mind first whenever Vietnamese cuisine is mentioned, right? No doubt that these 2 signature dishes are such unforgettable specialties but when you move further down the northern part of Vietnam, even more iconic dishes await you. Some may even make you become addicted after the first […]

If you’ve ever traveled to the Mekong Delta, sat on the boat rowed by the local people, or visited floating markets in Southern  Vietnam, you’ve probably heard the Southern people humming folk songs with high notes and soothing melody while they were working, that’s Đờn ca tài tử, the music of the plain and diligent […]

Mekong Delta is always attractive foreigners by visiting several landscapes, discovering the historical culture and approaching the life of local people. Clearly, you immerse yourself in the natural beauty and the rich culture of Mekong Delta region. Besides, you can spend time to explore the local floating market at its nicest time and most exciting […]

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