Vietnam is known as the second rice producer in the world, where it is said to be a paradise of rice fields extending to the horizon. When going on there, you may be amazing at the rice fields locating many situations from North to South with various height: the rice paddy field in low land […]

The Northern Vietnam mountainous area in recent years is always the hotspot of Vietnamese tourism and it also has no intention to reduce its heat. So, what makes this area appeal too many tourists traveling there? The answer lies in its pristine beauty of the landscape and culture there. This land is the northern mountainous […]

When the yellow Rice terrace are brilliant in September that is the time for discovery traveler come and enjoy the wonderful scenes in Mu Cang Chai ( Yen Bai province) in the North Vietnam. This is the best beautiful Mu Cang Chai Vietnam in the year because you can see only the yellow color that […]

Welcome to Vietnam with the best charming scenery and the beautiful trekking route in the Northwest mountain range. You will be immersed in the rice terraces fields of ethnic people who are very friendly and hospitable. This article will show you what is the suitable Vietnam trekking tour in Hoang Su Phi – the frontier […]

Sapa, a district of North West Vietnam, 350km far from Hanoi capital, is famous for terraced fields at the foot of magnificent Fansipan mountain. Terraced fields in Sa Pa was honored as one of the most magnificent terraced fields in the world. They have existed for hundreds of years, were created by many generations of […]

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