How many times have you visited Vietnam? Are you confident you know this place well? Vietnam has Halong Bay as a World Heritage site, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh as modern cities, Nha Trang and Phu Quoc as beautiful turquoise beaches…That’s right! But do you know that Vietnam has 54 ethnic minorities? They live in […]

The Northern Vietnam mountainous area in recent years is always the hotspot of Vietnamese tourism and it also has no intention to reduce its heat. So, what makes this area appeal too many tourists traveling there? The answer lies in its pristine beauty of the landscape and culture there. This land is the northern mountainous […]

Northern Vietnam is famous for the capital city of Hanoi, the World UNESCO Site of Halong, and it’s a big mistake not to mention the mountainous town of Sapa. If Hanoi is typical of the Vietnamese lifestyle in the delta, Halong is heaven for beach enthusiasts, Sapa brings about a unique impression of less popular […]

A new year festival featuring cultural characteristics of Vietnamese ethnic groups will be held at the Culture Tourism Village of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups in Ha Noi from February 27-March 1.   The event is part of activities aiming to preserve and uphold traditional values of the national diverse culture, as well as introduce unique ethnic […]

After Vietnamese Lunar New Year, the initial spirit of spring is urging beautiful ethnic women and girls to put on colorfully unique clothes and attend traditional fairs around Northwest mountain area. Oops! You will definitely steal any girl’s heart away if you dance with her in her truly tribal dance. How on earth you can […]

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