Up till now, according to the New York Times, Kammuri Typhoon swept through the Philippines on Tuesday (03/12/20190 has killed at least 17 people. The deadly typhoon is still moving actively, closer towards the East Sea. Warnings have been directly ordered to coastal cities of Vietnam from Quang Binh to Ca Mau. Whether you or […]

Less than one month has passed since WIPHA, the third storm in the East Sea reached Vietnam. And now, both the Vietnamese and international visitors in Vietnam have to be ready for the fourth storm named Podul. If you are enjoying a holiday in Vietnam, this information is of utmost importance not to ruin your […]

If you are already eager to take a trip in Vietnam, it’s always a wise choice to check the weather conditions. In order to help you have better overview about what the weather will be like in the next 4 months, we would like provide you with some pieces of information about the weather prediction in […]

Has your well-planned trip been ruined by a torrential downpour which keeps you at the hotel room for all days? Have your experience the hard time when all the expectations of exciting outdoor activities are washed away with the raindrop? These are typical situations that travel enthusiasts need to face as they take a tour […]

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