The most exciting and easiest way to learn about a country’s culture is to see how they celebrate the important events. In Vietnam, Lunar New Year (or Tet holiday) is the biggest holiday in a whole year. Let’s see how it is different from Western New Year. Time The Lunar New Year and International New […]

Do you have plans to visit Vietnam January, February – the first months of 2020? If you do, you might have expected to join one of the biggest holidays of Vietnamese people, right? So let me help you to have more details about this special holiday so that you can create the most suitable plan […]

In Vietnam, Tet holiday is considered as the most important holiday, even more important than the New Year according to the Western. Why is that? What is the difference between Tet holiday “Lunar New Year” and Western New Year? Let’s find out! 1, Why lunar new year is the most important event in Vietnam? Lunar New […]

All Vietnamese celebrate the biggest traditional holiday with the same cultural custTo begin with, Tet is not Tet if there is no sight of Hoa Dao (north) or Hoa Mai (south) in every home. The north feels warmer with pink peach blossoms that match well with dry, cold weather. Meanwhile, the south seems more cheerful […]

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