If you love to study diverse cultures in the world, you are interested in intriguing and colorful cultural activities, you are suggested going to Thailand in this November in order that you can visit annual fascinating festivals in the next month.

thailand festival

Loy Krathong- the flower garlands and colored lanterns festival throughout Thailand

According to Thai’s people, it is full moon in the 12th lunar month (usually in November calendar month), the moon will light up the night sky and cover the entire kingdom of Thailand. At this full moon night, thousands of Krathong lanterns are decorated with banana leaves or spider lily plant; people put food, betel and areca, incense, candles, traditional coins into them to launch on rivers that show people’s respect to river spirits. Also, the shimmering and brilliant beauty of Loy Krathong is known as “festival of light” and one of the most traditional festivals that is still preserved well in Thailand. In 2014, the flower garlands and colored lanterns- Loy Krathong festival is held from 5th to 7th November. It is a lucky occasion for you in order to admire the rivers of sparkling light, release Krathong on the river and pray for happiness as well.

Boat race festival- Phimai in Nakhon Ratchasima

The boat race festival taken place annually for more than a century draws numerous tourists all over the world to tour in Thailand. Especially, this event does not only become absorbing by ebullient atmosphere, it also makes tourists attracted by a slide show of light and sound at Phimai historical park, hundreds of local handicraft showcasing booths, cultural performances, fun contests, and local products exhibitions. Coming to the Phimai festival, you will have chance to experience the real life of Thai’s people as well as understand more about unique culture connected closely to ancient festivals.

Surin festival

Surin, the northeastern province of Thailand is well-known for the land of elephants. In November every year, Surin is a tourist attraction destination with one of the most interesting events in Thailand, “elephant fight and elephant exhibition”. Surin’s people have ever known as skillful and professional elephant trainers; they train and tame wild elephants. Every year, there are more than one hundred elephants participate in the festival that express people’s respect to elephant. To represent elephant’s strength and wisdom through games like football, wood-pulling, and tug of war between men and elephants is a prominent feature in the festival. When coming to Surin festival in November, you are certainly fascinated with both dramatic competitions, animated atmosphere, and enthusiastic people here. Besides, festival tours will lead you to the old kingdom of Thailand-Ayutthaya, you can also spend a day learning how to direct and domesticate elephants in elephant centre.

Boat festival in Lampang- Long Sapao Chao Wiang Lakorn

The festival is held on the full moon- in12th lunar month that is a traditional custom for a thousand years. At that day, the boats are built and decorated beautifully to be floated into the river. It is believed that floating the boat is a way to dedicate or offer the alms to the dead or deposit the merit for themselves in the next life. Whether you have opportunity to drop in Thailand in November, you should not miss out on visiting this unique event.

Silk festival and Phuk Seow ceremony in Khon Kaen

Thailand has been renowned for its age-old historical silk production around the world and named as one of the biggest centers of silk products. Khon Kaen is the site of the fairs to promote silk weaving industry and sericulture. The event is held together with the Phuk Siao ceremonies in the Northeast. Colorful street parade, folklore programs, and silk industry are amazing activities which attract a large number of visitors to Khon Kaen.

Kwai bridge festival

Every year in late November and early December, the River Kwai Bridge Festival is celebrated. The highlight of festival is the “sound and light” show to tell the history of the Death Railway, the Hellfire Pass and the Bridge on the Kwai river. The “sound and light” show will help to retrace the history, the rise and fall of the railway. Moreover, coming to this festival, you can take part in a variety of events including history and archeology exhibits, folk festivals and cultural performances. All are worth seeing especially for who are keen on history and culture.

Yee Peng festival on Chang Klan, Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai the celebration is known as Yee Peng (the full moon of the second month), as the 12th month in the Thai Lunar Calendar corresponds to the second month in the traditional calendar of the old northern Lanna kingdom. In this festival,  people let out thousand of lighted lanterns in the sky while making a wish. The sky transforms itself in a wonderful and surreal sea of little lanterns floating away. The spectacle is mesmerizing. Interestingly, tourists can arrange to visit Yee Piang and Loy Krathong festival during time in Thailand because they are occurred in November all.

Monkey Buffet festival in Lopuri

It is held annually on the last Sunday in November. The town of Lopburi in central Thailand hosts its annual monkey banquet and festival to say thank you to the hundreds of macaques who live in the town. Normally, You may have wonderful feeling about this festival while you catch lovely monkeys in fun-filled space. Traveling to Thailand in Lopuri and attending the festival here will definitely bring great relaxing moment to you.



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