The weather in December of Vietnam is different, as a result, it is complicated to decide the best place to visit Vietnam in December. It can be pretty cold in northern of Vietnam at the end of December; in the central, it can be the tail end of the rainy season while in the South, the weather is nice, warm and not too humid as usual.

The popular places in Vietnam as Sapa, Ha Long Bay, Hoi An or Hue is not always worth to come all year round. In particular, in December, tourists reaching Sapa or Ha Long Bay can meet the foggy and cold weather, which delays the trips. In contrast, it might rains dogs and cats in Hue or Hoi An. Following are 3 suggested best places for visiting Vietnam in December.

Ha Noi

A stunning and peaceful city lying in the center of the North Vietnam – Hanoi might be the best place to visit Vietnam in December in order to explore each tiny lanes and experience the significant changes of weather. Dry weather, no rain and biting cold in Hanoi in December is the ideal weather for travelers to take part in the cheerful activity in the bustling street. Travelers can stroll around Hanoi and enjoy the hot and tasty dishes then see the Hanoians rushing in the final days of the year. On the other hand, roaming around with an ice-cream can be amazing experiences.

North Vietnam Tour

In recent year, the Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are prepared warmly in Hanoi. Shops and stores are decorated with many beautiful items welcoming a new year. Visitors can immerse in the crowded places in the Old Quarter as Dong Xuan market, Ta Hien Street, Hang Dao or Hang Ma during the festivals to enjoy the cold weather and find the warm among people. The weather in Hanoi can be extremely cold sometimes, so the travelers should prepare the warm winter clothes as coats, sweater, and jeans, thermal or warm walking shoes.

Da Lat

Da lat in December can be very exciting. This city is influenced by both the Northeast and Southwest monsoon. In December, Da Lat has bright and warm sky in the daytime while it can be a bit cold at night. Moreover, this is the most pleasant climate to enjoy the fresh and cool air. The temperature is often stable, perhaps low because of the control of high pressure.

best place to visit Vietnam in December

In December, the streets are full of lights and colors as the preparation for the big holidays. Tourists can enjoy the electrifying atmosphere of the coming Christmas in the temperatures hovers around 12 C degree to 23 C degree (54 F degree to 73 F degree). It is advised that the visitors should hire a motorbike or a ride a bike around the city to be close to the local culture. Cycling into the pine forests and beautiful mountains can minus the gap between humans being and nature.

Ho Chi Minh City

As the biggest and busiest city of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City can totally be the best place to visit Vietnam in December. December is the first month of the dry season, which is the best time to travel. Unlike the North with the coldness and foggy winter, the southern soak in the warm sunshine. The weather does not have a significant change in terms of temperature, temperature varies from 22 to 33 C degree while the humidity lies at 77%. This is the perfect time to enjoy the last days of the year. There are many events celebrating the coming holidays: Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and Tet holiday. Streets, hotels, restaurants and shopping centers decorated with pine trees and lights bring the Western atmosphere of Christianity and Catholicism religion. Tourists can freely enjoy the joyful city with many activities welcoming the new year.

Ho Chi Minh tourist map (3)

There are many options for visitors to choose their destination when reaching Vietnam in December. Each person has their  according to their individual taste. Hanoi can be the first choice for those want to have a new year holiday in the cold weather, while for people love the sunshine days with many attractive outdoor activities, Ho Chi Minh City is totally suitable. Or in case, tourists want to enjoy the cool weather with the high and bright sky, Da Lat can be a perfect choice.


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