Have you had time to visit Cambodia, you should not waste great chances to admire Siem Reap province with occult Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat Cambodia – the wonder of the world, is the great temple and scared historical relic for several centuries. Tourists would be fascinated by the mystery of ancient Angkor Wat matching with the most glorious civilization once. It has both the previous imprint of the Khmer royal dynasty, and the image of Cambodia kingdom at present, Cambodia country in the future.

angkor wat in cambodia things to do

The best time to visit Angkor Wat Cambodia

As located near the equator, the best tourist season in Cambodia is from November to April of the next year. By this time, the weather is usually cool with light winds in the mornings and evenings that is very convenient for you to experience the beauty of the mystical Angkor Wat Cambodia.

Angkor Wat, namely capital city of temples, was built by the king Suryavarman II about mid 12th– century to worship the Vishnu God of Hinduism. The main temple zone was divided into 3 floors: hell, earth and heaven including 398 rooms with stone carved on ceilings, handrails… The Angkor complex was decorated with reliefs running along corridors and most especially, 1700-Aspara dancer statues with different facial expressions and dancing postures. Actually, if you are a person who really interested in temple architectures, you are advised to spend more than one day visiting the Angkor complex because of its admirable beauty.

Things To Do In Angkor Wat Cambodia

1. Sightseeing Angkor Wat temples

The Angkor Wat majestic and imposing temple draws most of tourist when coming to the Angkor complex, especially in the afternoons, tourists can stand on stairs and sightsee sunset falling down. Being located in the middle of dense forest with smaller area compared with other temples; however, Angkor Wat willingly makes anyone amazed by its mysterious beauty with sculptures carved subtlety and skillfully on the walls and statues. The temple is a place to keep 1850 separate statues, each of which is a work of art, a lifestyle and a dissimilar perspective about life that definitely give you wonderful feeling.

Ta Prohm temple is the most charming site in the Angkor complex. Here, you will see the faithful tree and its roots entangle and attach to each other, that become a symbol of love, it is said that couples would love each other forever if they take a photograph together under the tree. Though Ta Prohm is not the greatest and most prominent in the Angkor complex, it was choose to be the main studio for the well-known film “Secret of the Tomb” by Hollywood by means of special sculptures carved on doors, and its wild and charming beauty as well.

Angkor Thom is as famous as Angkor Wat, people often think of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom as two most typical temples in the Angkor complex. Angkor Thom built a hundred years after Angkor Wat is known as the last capital of Angkor empire. It is surrounded by stone walls and canals of 3-metter long for each edge. Angkor Thom means ‘the great city’. Because it is so vast that it is still not enough to take the whole to explore the entire royal tombs and admire all antiquities of the Khmer here.

Bayon tower is on the right location of Angkor Thom centre. It is really impressive with 216 enormous smile faces containing full of mystery. Until now, local people as well as scientists have been impossible to answer about the meaning of mysterious smile faces. Besides, Bayon tower keeps a lot of pictures carved sophisticatedly about old Khmer’s life, ceremonial parades, convoy of carrying food and a big sculpture describing a battle. Traveling to Bayon tower, you might be impressed by mystical smiles of statues that evokes exciting thoughts and images. Also, you should not miss out on chance to make the same smile as a statue’s and touch in statue in order to pray for happiness and luckiness.

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things to do angkor cambodia

Ta Prohm – The Tree Roots Temple

2. Viewing the beautiful Angkor Wat temples from Pakheng temple

Sitting on the Pakheng hilltop (also named Pakheng temple) ruined but you can completely contemplate the entire scenery of the Angkor complex from an altitude of 65 meters. Nowadays, Pakheng hill becomes the most delightful place to contemplate sunset in comparison to other places in the Angkor complex. The beautiful sunset lasts just for a short time from 5.30pm to 6pm. At that time, the light turns softened, the sun like a giant gold plate slowly sets down in the sky tinged with red color and iridescent clouds. The romantic dusk constantly changing colors in mystical Angkor makes all tourists really be passionate.

3. Shopping at prominent markets

Being one of the Cambodia highlights, touring in Angkor Wat temples, tourists are pleased by not only its landscapes but also its services, specially, shopping.

The old market is as same as its name, it has remained for a long time so it carries traditional culture and antique architecture. In the old market, you will find no end of products from souvenirs to fashionable things, from popular food to expensive products for upper class. You may also find numerous style and diverse stores and restaurants here.

Angkor night market becomes extreme charming and romantic. It has such an large scale that we seem to find everything here. Moreover, the market opens until midnight so it is always crowed, busy with full of laughter. You could buy traditional souvenirs of Cambodia, patterned silks or shimmer jewels while dropping in this place. The sellers speak English are very friendly and hospitable to welcome you. In addition, Angkor night market is an ideal place for you to walk and relax at night.

4. Enjoying special food

When traveling to Angkor Wat, you are suggested not forgetting to taste local food or eat at restaurants which are popular with tourists. You should try palm juice in Angkor Wat, local food of the Khmer at Khmer village restaurant, dragon fruit and Angkor beer at Forest Hut or Burmese food at Mandalay inn.

Useful notes for you

  • Beside the renowned Angkor complex, there are other beautiful places in Siem Reap province you can discover such as markets, floating village to understand more about normal life of local people.
  • Actually, there is a variety of gifts with cheap price in markets so you do not miss chance to buy meaningful souvenirs for family and friends.
  • the temple area is quite vast and there will be quite a bit of walking. Thus, you had better prepare a pair of good walking shoes.
  • You remember to dress “properly”. In this region they are a bit more modest so it is recommended to dress with respect when visiting e.g. temples.

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