The mountainous Northwest of Vietnam bears itself particular beauties around four seasons in year. However, the months of September and October are most ideal time for visitors to wander splendid terraced fields in the ripe rice crop. In autumn, Northwest region wears passionate beauty with brightly yellow terraced fields; stretching maize fields in harvest; red and green-leaved forests hiding in rolling mountain ranges…All landscapes will leave unforgettable experience in tourist’s memory, definitely.

Yellow crop in the Northwest

The fanciful terrace on the immense forest is virtually regarded as a trade name, a tourism product introduced in travel programs to attract tourist to Northwest region. By industrious working, many generations of local people – they have been together constructing thousands of terraced fields on mountain slope, hillside. Passing time, provinces in the Northwest of Vietnam own plenty of terraced fields with spectacular beauty, known by tourists such as Tả Van, Lao Chải, Tả Phìn, Mường Khương, Bắc Hà, Si Ma Cai, Bát Xát, Ý Tý (Lào Cai province), terraced fields around tortuous mountain slope in Mù Căng Chải (Yên Bái provinve), Hoàng Su Phì (Hà Giang province). Recently, readers of American magazine called Travel and Leisure have voted terraced field in Sa Pa is one of top 7 most grandiose terraced fields in the world. Coming to Northwest for admiring terraced field most beautifully is in cultivation or nearly harvest. Autumn – the ripe rice crop and the season of cool weather, also has welcomed so many tourists not only in Vietnam but also all over the world to Northwest for visiting and exploring endlessly charming, wonderful sceneries. Winding roads through rolling mountain slopes, hills are opening front of your eyes fresh discovery to nature. Stunning views of mountains, forests and imposing terraced fields will surely bring you pleasant surprises. Taking a look from a far distance, terraced fields are curving smoothly like a yellow silk round green mountain slope, along hillside, looming in white clouds blending with iridescent of autumn sun.

Unique beauty of each visiting-site in Northwest

Beside terraced fields, upland northwest is also famous for other beautiful landscapes which are able to be beloved of visitors at right the first sight.

Tam Giac Mach flower

Tam Giac Mach flower

Ha Giang in the blooming season of buckwheat flower becomes more attractive than other seasons in the year. Tourist may be amazed at admirable beauty of this flower. Buckwheat flower usually blooms so profusely over hillsides, mountains in Ha Giang from end of September till November that all places from mountains, roads to large terraced fields are likely covered by romantic light pink color of the beautiful flower. To be attached to name of this renowned flower is a legend which makes it more miraculous. Along with the remarkable flower, Ha Giang- the border land of our country also draws tourist by superb nature, Ma Pi Leng- the mythical mountain pass, Quan Ba heaven gate hidden in mist or hospitable local people being willing to give visitors direction, welcome us closely, warmly… Those all absolutely contribute such fantastic tours that visitors want to visit more times.

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Moc Chau plateau

Moc Chau plateau

Moc Chau plateau is so dreamlike, charming when autumn comes. From end of October, blooming white canola over Moc Chau plateau beautifies fresh nature. Vast green tea fields alternated with white canola fields, wild sunflowers are flaunting dazzling beauty than ever, so that, most of tourists must stop, spend time taking photograph and contemplating it. More especially, Moc Chau is favored by Mother Nature for both gorgeous landscapes and comfortable climate, in autumn, breezy weather, slight sunlight gradually dawning in Northwest sky makes Moc Chau homeland really poetic, graceful, and lovely strangely!


Sapa owns infinite beauty in autumn. Being a small old town at the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain range, Sapa’s beautiful sceneries combined with human being’s creativeness has been building Sapa as one of the most attractive destinations in the Northwest of Vietnam. Specially, autumn in Sapa is considered as the most delightful season compared between 4 seasons here throughout year. Sapa is likely a majestic natural painting arranged in harmonious layout to make very picturesque scenes. As reaching to Sapa, you should feel Sapa’s pure beauty in the early autumn morning looks like you can smell, taste or touch it easily.

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Cuisine in the Northwest

For those tourists who have ever come to upland Northwest for one time, they may not forget special food’s taste here. Under the coldness of Northwest weather, how nice it is if you have chance to enjoy hot, mouth-watering grilled dishes then drinking a cup of Tao Meo wine (a special wine in Northwest land). Tourists to the northwest should not miss the purple stick rice which is cooked from the best type of rice in the region. This dish has an eye-catching pinky purple color that comes from a type of leaf found in the forest which locals say is good for health. In addition, wild bamboo spouts, stream fish, or wild boar are other unique dishes in Northwest area that you are recommended to try.

The Northwestern region of Vietnam which includes Son La, Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces with magnificent landscapes, comfortable weather, famous specialties, unique culture and friendly, hospitable people…are still awaiting visitors everywhere to explore!


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