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Being surrounded by fields and mountains, the Dao Do an ethnic minority group in Vietnam have made use of this advantage to invent many useful remedies from herb. There is one kind of this remedy that let people soak in a unique herbal water, which will do wonders for their body and their health. Let’s […]

The Northern Vietnam mountainous area in recent years is always the hotspot of Vietnamese tourism and it also has no intention to reduce its heat. So, what makes this area appeal too many tourists traveling there? The answer lies in its pristine beauty of the landscape and culture there. This land is the northern mountainous […]

Vietnam’s a small Southeast Asian country, but it definitely surprises you with its eight wonderful and charming heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. Breathtaking natural landscapes, mysterious cave systems, impressive royal palaces, unique old French architecture… Too many choices for a short trip?  If you’re hesitating, then keep reading, this article will give you an overview […]

Not only famous for its spectacular landscapes and delicious traditional dishes, but Hanoi also features the grace, elegance, and sophistication in every aspect. A visit to Hanoi can show you both faces of Vietnam, the ancient element, and the developing side. And you will find the full guide for your adventure in this article. Hanoi, […]

Vietnam is a country with a large variety of beliefs and religions. With the geographical location in Southeast Asia, three sides facing the sea, Vietnam possesses a lot of favourable conditions for exchanging and integrating new religions. The creeds and cults of Vietnam have become a strong magnet for spiritual travel. If you are interested […]

As far as is known, entry into a country usually requires a valid passport and a valid visa issued by a competent authority of the country of arrival. However, that’s not always the case. With developing nations like Vietnam, the government has loosened its visa policy to a great extent as a push to nationwide […]

Do you have plans to visit Vietnam January, February – the first months of 2020? If you do, you might have expected to join one of the biggest holidays of Vietnamese people, right? So let me help you to have more details about this special holiday so that you can create the most suitable plan […]

In Vietnam, Tet holiday is considered as the most important holiday, even more important than the New Year according to the Western. Why is that? What is the difference between Tet holiday “Lunar New Year” and Western New Year? Let’s find out! 1, Why lunar new year is the most important event in Vietnam? Lunar New […]

Worry about overspending for your Vietnam journey? Let me tell you my secret destinations for a budget trip. With a developing country in Southeast Asia like Vietnam, cost-saving while traveling is never impossible. And your choice of stops plays a crucial role in reducing the charge. Scroll down to explore top Vietnamese cities to have […]

Known as a top tropical tourist paradise, in recent years, Vietnam tourism has become the trend of many wanderlust souls. To help the trip become smooth, avoid overspending, today Travel Sense Asia will guide you through the detailed expenses for a Vietnam journey. Keep reading till the end to find out useful budget-saving tips. Passport […]

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