Banh mi or Pho must have got to your mind first whenever Vietnamese cuisine is mentioned, right? No doubt that these 2 signature dishes are such unforgettable specialties but when you move further down the northern part of Vietnam, even more iconic dishes await you. Some may even make you become addicted after the first […]

Have you heard or tried this special cake with such a special name yet? Mooncake are the name used in Vietnam for cakes with sweet filling, often used during the Mid-Autumn Festival.  With the date of this important festival about to come, let’s find out more about this special cake! The origin of Vietnamese mooncake […]

Before my journey around Vietnam, I had no idea of eating snails or any kinds of underwater creatures except for typical food like fish, crab, lobster, shrimp, squid, or jellyfish. Snails were far from editable because as for me at that time, they were the same as the disgusting slugs with a lot of mucus plus […]

Vietnam country is known as a paradise of delicious foods, which are appeared everywhere in the tourism region. Tourists will have a chance to enjoy the traditional Vietnamese foods and Western foods cooked by the chief. The foods are usually updated to new styles with the imported ingredients. Don’t worry about their quality, they ensure […]

Thai cooking is characteristically famous of moreish taste. Basically, it is combination of old eastern and western’s influences over centuries to crystallize well and make distinguished flavor. Thailand’s cuisine is internationally renowned for unique dishes mixed sour, sweet and specially, with hot and spicy flavors harmoniously. One plus point of Thailand’s cuisine is the method […]

Laos and Cambodia are two neighboring countries with many similarities in culture and cuisine. However, each country has unique characteristics that can not be confused with any others. In Cambodia Laos Itinerary, you should not ignore to discover the cuisine, especially the familiar street food of local people here. Surely it will help you have […]

Sapa street food is something that many tourists want to find out when they come to this wonderful land. Because Sapa is not only had the majestic landscape, the typical culture but also own worth-try cuisine, especially the street food. Take a look at the list below and note the food that should not be […]

One of the things that make tourists impressive the most about a destination is its typical culinary features. The Indochina region – made up of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos – represents a melting pot of culinary influences, flavors, and traditions. Travelers to the region will never lack the option of delicious food. Here is our […]

Hanoi cuisine has grown to be the big magnet that attracts many tourists coming to the capital of Vietnam. Here, you can enjoy many special dishes from the local. Moreover, if you want to learn how to please your family with the fantastic Vietnamese cooking recipe, you should join in a cooking class in each […]

Ho Chi Minh City which is also known as Sai Gon offers an impressive array of food for its visitors. A Ho Chi Minh food tour through the bustling city enables you to discover more Vietnamese food than just Pho or Banh Mi. The complexity of flavors together with the fresh and simple ingredients will […]

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