Vietnam is a happy country, the spiritual life of the people is always full of love for art and culture… And despite being a small country, Vietnam has a long history of more than 2000 years. During that time, the cultural life of the people was enriched day by day, creating priceless intangible cultural heritages. […]

Vietnam is a country with a large variety of beliefs and religions. With the geographical location in Southeast Asia, three sides facing the sea, Vietnam possesses a lot of favourable conditions for exchanging and integrating new religions. The creeds and cults of Vietnam have become a strong magnet for spiritual travel. If you are interested […]

In Vietnam, Tet holiday is considered as the most important holiday, even more important than the New Year according to the Western. Why is that? What is the difference between Tet holiday “Lunar New Year” and Western New Year? Let’s find out! 1, Why lunar new year is the most important event in Vietnam? Lunar New […]

Hoi An, a sparkling old street downstream of the Thu Bon River, is famous for its ancient architecture tinted with time and imprints of the East brought by the Chinese and Japanese from centuries ago. Hoi An, once a former world-class trading port, witnessed the close interaction between merchants from many different countries. And from […]

With a long-established history dated back to the prehistoric era, Southeast Asia is a vibrant cultural hub of the world. In this day and age, this region draws more and more attention of the public eyes as more and more culture inspiring experiences are exposed to international tourists. From holy places of the local religions […]

Mid- Autumn is Vietnam’s second most important festival of the year, which falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month every year. This usually coincides with the first full moon following the last big harvest of the year.  This year, it occurs on September 13th according to international calendar. Are you curious what […]

Thailand, the country of not only magnificent temples, beautiful landscapes, picturesque sandy beaches and friendly smiles, but also unique culture has been becoming attractive tourism destination for tourists from everywhere. Thailand’s culture is deeply under influence of both Buddhism- the official religion recognized State religion of the country and waterborne lifestyle. As understanding through Thailand’s […]

Traveling during the festive season is an ideal way to get an in-depth insight into the native people. Long-established rituals show a lot about the spiritual side of human beings, so why not joining in local festivals in a country with a incredible 28 public holidays annually like Cambodia? Still, if you want to rejoice […]

Used to be a big commercial hub from the XVI century with traders from the East to the West, Hoi An is the land of rich history and diverse cultural values. Therefore, just wandering around the quaint cobblestone streets or visiting rustic busy coffee shops seems to be just a flashback of the long story […]

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