My Son Sanctuary used to be a place to worship sacrifices of the Champa dynasty as well as the tombs of the Champa kings or princes. My Son Sanctuary is considered one of the main centers of Hindu temples in Southeast Asia and is the only heritage of its kind in Vietnam, which contains lots […]

Quang Ba Flower Market is a rendezvous for flower lovers. The flowers not only bring comfortable fragrance but also the love of night workers. At night, while the streets of Hanoi are quiet, in the area of Quang Ba flower market in Tay Ho district, the lights are still on, and there comes a very […]

Cambodia is a country with typical and quintessential culinary culture of the East, influenced by Chinese and Indian styles. The cuisine of the Khmer people is famous for its rich flavor, different ingredients, and also equally fancy and unique. So today, let’s find out which are the most popular traditional dishes in this special country? […]

Traveling to another country is absolutely interesting for tourists to explore the new things; however, it maybe becomes a nightmare for you when traveling to the country that has unique language as Cambodia, its official language is Khmer. Although residents in some tourism cities in Cambodia such as Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, etc can speak […]

Through the wartime in Vietnam, the colonists not only cause the big sow, disastrous consequences for Vietnamese but also leave behind the prisons – the trace for their crimes. These prisons are well-known as the hell on the earth with many terrible tortures to the Vietnamese lovers in the wars. In this article, Travel Sense […]

Cambodia is among the countries where people have the strongest and most absolute faith in religion in the world. Since the dawn of the nation, the holy spirit has been a crucial part of daily life. Nowadays, the imprint of traditional cults and creeds is apparent in both the lifestyle and the architecture of the […]

In the 17th century, Hoi An (Quang Nam) was well-known as the bustling trading port where the businessmen all over the world came there and exchanged the goods together; these businessmen majorly come from Chinese and Japanese. After a long time, Japanese and Chinese merchants immigrated to Hoi An and built the Chinese residence area […]

The most exciting and easiest way to learn about a country’s culture is to see how they celebrate the important events. In Vietnam, Lunar New Year (or Tet holiday) is the biggest holiday in a whole year. Let’s see how it is different from Western New Year. Time The Lunar New Year and International New […]

The image of three-wheel transports running in the Southeast Asian streets is a popular thing that tourists usually come across when traveling in Southeast Asian countries. This transport is Tuk Tuk, the iconic image of many Southeast countries that you should try at least once when visiting there. In order to help you have more […]

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