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The image of three-wheel transports running in the Southeast Asian streets is a popular thing that tourists usually come across when traveling in Southeast Asian countries. This transport is Tuk Tuk, the iconic image of many Southeast countries that you should try at least once when visiting there. In order to help you have more […]

Indochina is regarded as a precious crown of Southeast Asia. It features three jewels, in which the other two neighboring countries often outshine Laos. But the Land of Million Elephants never ceases to amaze international travelers with its intact nature and lavish hospitality. No matter you are wandering for a destination, or you are digging […]

In spite of being the only landlocked nation in Southeast Asia, the hidden beauty of Laos never fails to capture the heart of travelers in fields of myths and wonders. That’s why the Plain of Jars is always on the top search for historical and cultural destinations. In case you never hear of such a […]

Traveling is not all about sightseeing in top tourist attractions. It’s a chance for you to broaden your horizons, becoming more open-minded and more aware of the cultural differences. So, one thing you should bear in mind before hitting the road is the dos and don’ts in your upcoming destination in order to avoid being […]

Being the only landlocked nation in Southeast Asia, overshadowed by other travel hubs in neighboring countries, Laos seems to be insignificant when it comes to tourism. However, the less information it exposes, the more mysterious it appears in the eye of thrilling inquirers. As for me, this country is a place full of cultural myths […]

As a modest nation surrounded by tourism powerhouses such as Thailand and Vietnam, Laos is often overlooked and even mistaken for their next-door neighbors. If you find yourself having the same idea about this sovereign nation, I can tell you for sure that you are completely wrong. Laos is a country full of mysteries and […]

Vietnam country is known as a paradise of delicious foods, which are appeared everywhere in the tourism region. Tourists will have a chance to enjoy the traditional Vietnamese foods and Western foods cooked by the chief. The foods are usually updated to new styles with the imported ingredients. Don’t worry about their quality, they ensure […]

Trips to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, or also collectively known as Indochina holiday packages, do bring you a chance to learn more about nature, history, and culture in abundance along with other reputable sights, such as the spectacular Angkor temples, the colonial town of Hoi An, and the spiritual city of Luang Prabang. While Indochina […]

It is a nice way of comparing Laos as hidden beauty in South East Asia, which is surrounded by Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar. Although Laos’ economy is somehow slower than other regional coutries, they keep strong sense of local culture and strong sense of country pride through their festivals, cuisine, customs, etc. It can be […]

It is hard to deny the fact that experiences make your life more and more exciting. With that mind, lots of people choose to brighten their boring life by traveling. Don’t know where to go for rich history and exotic culture, friendly locals, delicious food, breathtaking scenes, blessed beach, magnificent caves, ancient ruin, UNESCO World […]

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