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After traumatic battling years of Khmer Rouge, Cambodia is slowly finding its way to recovering from the past. Blessed with picturesque landscapes, Cambodia also has a rich heritage to offer when it comes to tourism. Tourism, therefore, promises to be Cambodia’s prominent hope to recover its economy. However, for those who are not familiar with […]

Being surrounded by fields and mountains, the Dao Do an ethnic minority group in Vietnam have made use of this advantage to invent many useful remedies from herb. There is one kind of this remedy that let people soak in a unique herbal water, which will do wonders for their body and their health. Let’s […]

Do you know that Vietnam is home to 54 different ethnic groups? From the vibrant embroidery, delicate silverware sold at the local sessional market to long-established rituals during the festive seasons, Northern ethnic communities in Vietnam are a hidden gem that massive tourism often overlooks. But, it’s not you, right? If you are tempting to […]

Born in a Western country, I get accustomed to Halloween and Christmas. I used to have no idea of the lunar calendar. Nor have I seen people celebrating the full moon. However, as I started a long journey around Asia, especially Southeast Asia, it opened up a wide range of opportunities to witness unique festivals […]

Before my journey around Vietnam, I had no idea of eating snails or any kinds of underwater creatures except for typical food like fish, crab, lobster, shrimp, squid, or jellyfish. Snails were far from editable because as for me at that time, they were the same as the disgusting slugs with a lot of mucus plus […]

Used to be a megacity which marked the sublime Angkorian period extending about four centuries in Cambodia, Angkor Temple Complex is now a place of memorial, a reminder of the bygone era. From an incredible and flourishing capital to a rustic ancient ruin, its history is an intriguing story that everyone who plans to visit […]

“All work no play makes Jack a dull boy” – that what’s my boss said on my first day with Travel Sense Asia. As a local tour operator, we are aiming at bringing the hassle-free expedition to the guest. And in order to do so, there shouldn’t be any stress or tension in our work. […]

There has been one time when the Vietnamese all commuted by cyclos. But then, new means of transports began to dominate. Motorbikes and four-wheel vehicles become popular, leaving cyclos in top-picked tourist attraction as a reminder of an old way of living. Ordinary Vietnamese people no longer use them, however, cyclos are still important in […]

Drinking beer, chatting with friend in the corner street in Hanoi is the most greatest feeling when you out of your work. We can not remember when did we fall into this habit, but we know it is the same nature: hot summer, cold winter and Hanoi’s people flock in Ta Hien street, drink beer […]

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