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With a long-established history dated back to the prehistoric era, Southeast Asia is a vibrant cultural hub of the world. In this day and age, this region draws more and more attention of the public eyes as more and more culture inspiring experiences are exposed to international tourists. From holy places of the local religions […]

The weather conditions in Vietnam are specifically unique in not only each region but also each season of the country. Therefore, it is essential for all tourists to have an overview of the weather feature for a year so that you can have a perfect plan to travel in Vietnam. That’s why I am here […]

Have you heard or tried this special cake with such a special name yet? Mooncake are the name used in Vietnam for cakes with sweet filling, often used during the Mid-Autumn Festival.  With the date of this important festival about to come, let’s find out more about this special cake! The origin of Vietnamese mooncake […]

Mid- Autumn is Vietnam’s second most important festival of the year, which falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month every year. This usually coincides with the first full moon following the last big harvest of the year.  This year, it occurs on September 13th according to international calendar. Are you curious what […]

Besides the prominent three regions, namely the Northern, the Middle, and the Southern, Vietnam features other smaller areas with particular characteristics. One of them is the West region, which situates in the southwest of Southern Vietnam. The fertile West with interlocking waterways is a magnet for tourism thanks to the vibrant floating market on the […]

Born in a Western country, I get accustomed to Halloween and Christmas. I used to have no idea of the lunar calendar. Nor have I seen people celebrating the full moon. However, as I started a long journey around Asia, especially Southeast Asia, it opened up a wide range of opportunities to witness unique festivals […]

Vietnam can be half the equator from the USA. But such long distance wouldn’t challenge the wanderlust souls, especially with the help of detailed guideline from travel experts of TravelSenseAsia. Over thousands of years of civilization, Vietnam has transformed itself from a peaceful region to a bustling city with soaring economic growth. Speaking of Vietnam, […]

Vietnam National Day or Independence Day of Vietnam is an essential date in the country’s history. More than just a national holiday, it’s a chance for the Vietnamese to look back to the dolorous but glorious days of the past and to look forward to a promising future. As a result, international visitors going to […]

Less than one month has passed since WIPHA, the third storm in the East Sea reached Vietnam. And now, both the Vietnamese and international visitors in Vietnam have to be ready for the fourth storm named Podul. If you are enjoying a holiday in Vietnam, this information is of utmost importance not to ruin your […]

F1 Race or the Grand Prix is among the most competitive and dangerous contest in the world. It also attracts a huge group of an international audience for mind-blowing performances on the circuit. Everyone is excited about the upcoming race in April 2020. In meanwhile, let’s list out the most 20 amazing facts about Grand […]

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