Nestled in the coastal line of the Indochina peninsula, Vietnam and Cambodia experience pretty similar weather patterns throughout the year. As a result, there is a perfect period to combine these two nations in one expedition. It’s is in December.

In today’s blog, Travel Sense Asia will draw the climate diagram of Vietnam and Cambodia during December and show you why it is the best time for a package to both of these countries.

What’s The Weather Like In Vietnam And Cambodia During December 

Striking Features Of Vietnam And Cambodia Weather During December

Stretching up to 15 degrees of latitude, Vietnam has quite different weather among the three regions. However, December is when the whole country enters the dry period with low precipitation almost everywhere.

While Northern Vietnam welcomes strong and cold breezes of the winter with an average temperature of fewer than 20 degrees Celsius, the South of Vietnam enjoys a temperate temperature of around 27 degrees Celsius.

In the middle of the country, the weather conditions are comfortable. The average temperature is always below 25 degrees. December also marks the end of the typhoon season in Vietnam, which is an ideal time to explore the ultimate beauty of the beaches on the S-shaped land.

Clothing tips for Vietnam in December
  • In northen area, you should definitely bring warm clothes and a raincoat. December is mostly what the locals call “rain dust” (very thin rain the whole day with temperatures around 10-18 Degree Celsius).
  • Southern area is hotter than the North area, You will want lightweight linen pants, cotton dresses, and skirts. Be prepared for adverse weather conditions. Carry a hat and sunglasses with UV protection.
  • Bring shoes to be easy outdoor activities. Hanoi and other cities in Vietnam are very conducive to walking.

Cambodia follows an identical weather pattern to Vietnam in December. It’s time for the dry season in this country. The northeast monsoon arrival acts like a hair-dryer working at the full capacity to dry the humidity from more than 90% to around 50 to 60%.

Still, thanks to the lower latitude, the average temperature in Cambodia doesn’t drop very much. It hovers around 30 degrees, which is an absolutely beautiful number to enjoy either a beach holiday or a day tour around Angkor Wat. 

Highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia in December 

Nice Weather Everywhere

As mentioned above, the weather in most parts of the Indochina Peninsula is extremely pleasant in December. It is dry but not too hot, so visitors can immerse themselves in exciting outdoor activities as well as admiring the magnificent landscape. If you are a beach lover, December is the best time to lie down on the white sand beaches in both Vietnam and Cambodia.

Swimming, kayaking or snorkeling are also suitable as there is little to no rain during this time of the year.

Long Public Holidays In Many Countries

During December, we have the biggest holiday of Christmas in Christian countries. Combined with the New Year Holiday, it will be the longest vacation in a year. Therefore, this is the time to let the moths out of your wallet and traveling to an exotic world like in Vietnam and Cambodia. 

The Christmas Vibe Of The Asian

Although both Vietnam and Cambodia are much influence by Buddhism, Christmas is becoming more and more popular in these countries. On this occasion, Christmas songs are played in every corner, from the street vendors to large shopping malls. In the main squares, the festive atmosphere is more apparent with huge decorations and light exhibitions at night On Christmas Eve, the young citizens often go to the church and organize colorful activities such as dance performance.

Detailed Destinations For December Adventure In Vietnam And Cambodia

In Vietnam


December is the time when Hanoi experience some of the coldest monsoon arrivals. The days can be gloomy, but it is the best time to wander around the narrow streets of the Old Quarters and enjoying hot dishes such as Pho, Bun, Rib Porridge, Sticky Rice…

If you visit the Hanoi Cathedral at Christmas, it is a great chance to admire the splendid beauty with the bright lights, giant Christmas trees. The young generation also gathers at the church to sing along the Christmas songs. The festive vibe can be seen in every corner.

Vietnam Cambodia weather in December Hanoi


Traveling to Halong during December, you will no longer have to worry about the sudden rains interrupting your journey. The sky in Ha Long in December is pretty clear. The gentle ocean breezes help you experience activities on the bay to the utmost.


December is the beginning of winter in Sapa. The fogs lay over the valley, the temperature sometimes drops below 0 degrees Celsius. Snow covers the hills and the roofs of the stilt houses in the hill tribe villages, creating a fairy-like mountain town. 

Vietnam Cambodia weather in December sapa


Danang can experience some intermittent rain during December. But it won’t cause much trouble for your vacation because the weather is super refreshing. The average temperature remains at 24 to 25 degrees Celsius with not many tourists as it is the low season. So, you can enjoy your time with no hustle.

Ho Chi Minh

It’s will be the start of the dry season in Ho Chi Minh from December. So, outdoor activities in this city like exploring the bustling central streets, experiencing the exciting and adventurous games at the outdoor amusement parks have perfect timing. At Christmas time, Ho Chi Minh will have magical decorations with enormous Christmas trees and a lot of light exhibitions.

In Cambodia

Phnom Penh

Located in the Middle South, Phnom Penh is the capital, as well as the biggest city, where gathers both ancient and modern sights in Cambodia. It will be a great experience to merge yourself into several cultural and historical highlights in the center of the city including Royal Palace, The National Museum or The Killing Fields

Siem Reap

Stop by Siem Reap, you will be bewitched with picturesque natural landscapes and charming long-standing temples. Angkor Temple Ruins emerge as the largest religious complex to still exist. Here you will feel excited to discover outstanding temples such as Angkor Wat, Bayon, Banteay Srei, Ta Prohm…

Vietnam cambodia weather in December siem reap

Tonle Sap Lake

Tonle Sap is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia and of great importance to Cambodia. The lake expands and narrows significantly with the seasons. From November to May, during the dry season in Cambodia, Tonle Sap flows pour into the Mekong River in Phnom Penh. It is home to many ethnic minorities and the Cham, living in floating villages around the lake.


Sihanoukville, also known as Kampong Som, is a port city and beach resort located on the Gulf of Thailand. The big attraction here is that white sand beaches and some tropical islands are still out of the radar of massive tourism. Koh Rong Island is about 2 km from the town of Sihanoukville. The seawater here is so clear that you can see the colorful fish swimming at the bottom.
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