Vietnam is a famous country with stunning landscapes in three regions. And nowadays, many foreigners tend to visit this country to get the itinerary adventure. We pleasure to give you the best package highlights for the adventurous Vietnam tour itinerary in Southern during 6 days. This trip is truly for the sports enthusiast looking to get into the Vietnam everyone else sees through a tour bus window and personal transport.

On the first day in Ho Chi Minh

After landing at the Tan Son Nhat airport, we can start visiting several destinations in Ho Chi Minh cities such as Saigon Opera, Duc Ba Church, General Post Office and Cu Chi tunnel. If you have a chance to go to Ho Chi Minh City, you certainly can’t take your eyes off the elegant architecture of the Saigon Opera House. Great photo opportunities await travelers who seek out the Saigon Opera House, as the building is a fine example of French colonial architecture. The Opera House is surrounded by a wide, tree-lined boulevard which is decorated following the style of European. While traveling to Vietnam and you wish to visit a cathedral then Duc Ba Church in the Ho Chi Minh City is the best option for you where you need to be in a boat to visit the church. It is really a good place for just experiencing a spiritual site, along with finding eternal peace here by praying for some time. Its official name is Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica which is lengthy to Pronounce. Nearly, the Central Post Office is one of the oldest buildings in Ho Chi Minh City, which was built by a famous French architect and has become a significant symbol of the city. The Post Office provides many kinds of traditional postal services like mailing, selling postcards or stamps. Foreign money exchange is also available.

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In the afternoon, you will arrive Cu Chi tunnels after a drive of 1,5 hours. Our tour guide will give you an overview introduction to Cu Chi and its legendary history. You will understand the tunnels histories and the past war by watching a documentary film. Many died there from malaria and other diseases, and a few were also born or married. You will be guided to the tunnels system including the weapon factory, hospitals, kitchens and crawl under the tunnels…

On the second day and third day in Cat Tien National Park

Cat Tien National Park is one of the adventure destinations in Vietnam tour itinerary.  It was protected initially in 1978 as two sectors, Nam Cat Tien and Tay Cat Tien.

7.30 a.m: You can choose one of the three methods to get Cat Tien national park like by bus, by motorbike and by bike. You spend 3.5 hours finishing 150 kilometers on the road by bus. You begin their wildlife experience passing the Dong Nai River to enter the Cat Tien National Park enables. After checking in the hotel, you will enjoy a lunch and relax to have enough energy to continue the trip.

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In the afternoon, you do a three-hour trekking over 8 kilometers to through the Reserved Core Area. You will see many kinds of hundreds of years old trees and the best bird watching guide in Southern Vietnam works at Cat Tien.

Two-hour night cruise into the jungle allows you to enjoy the feelings of watching wild animals and hearing the calls of rhinoceros. It is an opportunity to see nocturnal animals of the park including deer, civet, snakes, and feral cats…

In the next morning: You wake up to the nice songs of native birds. Breakfast prepares them for another four-hour trekking to see Bau Sau – crocodile lake, the Crocodiles swamp and back to the head quarter for lunch. Another trek to Bang Lang, Cay Go will provide an opportunity to see a tropical rain forest, admire the old-growth trees and hear the songs of birds together with the sounds of the rapids.

On the fourth day and fifth day in Da Lat

Continuous the Southern Vietnam tour itinerary with the above transport to move to Dalat.

This 29-kilometer ride goes around the backside of Lang Biang Mountain and into an area recently annexed by Bidoup Nuba National Park. You would like to set foot on the top in LangBiang Peak is the symbol of Dalat city. Of course, your tour guide will help you become a conqueror with the highest mountain of Dalat city in a day.

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A trip to the Highlands wouldn’t be complete without exploring the beautiful jungles and lakes in the region. Enjoy sublimated feelings of the winner when standing on the top and looking around the commanding view of the highlands: Silver Stream, Golden Lake, forest and whole Dalat city.

In the late afternoon, you visit Lat Village in order to approach to the daily life of the ethnic minority people, admire subtle hand-woven brocade products, longhouses and visit Traditional Architecture Church.

In the next day

Hiking down from the Robbin Hill to the Datala waterfalls with the height of 25 meters with panoramic views of Dalat city and Paradise Lake below. You can see flower and vegetable farms, coffee and persimmon fruit plantations on the trail down to Datala waterfalls. Enjoy many fun activities: Trekking, swimming, water sliding even free jump down 11 meters from a rocky cliff top. This is an idea for a single-day.

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Finishing the adventure trip in Dalat, you can spend 2 hours to massage your foot and body.

On the sixth day Dalat departure

You will be picked up at your hotel to transfer to the airport


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