Let your brain free and think about the best Mekong delta tour 1 day in Vietnam. It is totally great to take a tour to the Southern Vietnam. The Mekong River which is known as The Mighty Dragon of The Nine Dragons in Vietnam is one of the most important rivers in the world. It is unlike the highlands you have hiked and totally different from the beaches with the sand under your feet. With many appealing spots like Cai Be floating market and An Binh island, Mekong Delta tour becomes the most popular tour for tourists.

How to catch your nice tour’s destinations as soon as possible?

If you start from Ho Chi Minh City, it takes you about three hours driving to Cai Be District, Tien Giang Province. On the way, tourists have a chance to catch a sight of the beautiful landscapes like the green rice fields stretching towards the horizontal, the peaceful rivers, and the bustle towns.

Your tour starts with the floating market – the soul of the Southern.

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After arriving in Cai Be, you will board a motorized boat which helps you travel to the small floating market. The local market is where the locals buy and sell diversified kinds of goods like tropical fruits, aquatic products, local specialties or household commodities. You will make a clear realization that the fruits are absolutely different from what you bought in the supermarket in your country. Because they are fresh and you are touching them with your hands in their areas. One unique feature which you cannot catch in other markets is that the locals will popularize their product in front of their boats. It means they use a long rod hanging their fruits or what they want to sell. The buyers have to look for the goods they need on this long rod. It is not noisy, but attractive. It becomes one of the most tempting features you have. Another special feature is the market is full of many kinds of boats but none makes accident like other roads in the modern cities. The people all get on well with others. You visit once and cannot forget the hustle and bustle atmosphere on the floating market.

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A piece of advice is that you might visit the market in the early morning due to the cool weather. It is not crowded when the sun is over your head and the wind blows out your hair. There is no need to say how satisfied you are.

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Discovering a new area is not enough for any tourists. The next stunning point which makes the Mekong tour become the best is the local orchards.

After detecting the market, you take the boat to the local orchards where you can enjoy the fresh atmosphere and the multi-colored fruits. You not only enjoy the garden-fresh tropical fruits but buy them as gifts for your relatives well. On the way, tourists will take a walk to reach a coconut candy, a crispy rice cake factories. We can say that coconut candy always sticks to the discovery of Vietnamese culture, tourism, and cuisine in candy area. Tourists will have a chance to witness the process of making coconut candy by hands and handcrafted items from coconut trees for souvenirs. Not only smelling the flavor of coconut candy, tourists might have lunch with dishes made from coconut.

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Leaving the village, it takes you about 20 minutes on small row boats. Your boat will zigzag through a huge network of silhouette canals to immerse yourself to the fresh air along the canal and magnificent water landscape. We will take a break and roam through a quiet and peaceful village and relax on a hammock for a short rest. It is also a good opportunity to see how and what the local merchants do business with others.

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Tips for your 1-day tour:

  • You are advised to take short clothes, hat, suncream, insect repellent, and bottled water. It is not necessary to bring too much furniture or expensive jewelry.
  • You should wear the colored and easy-to-wash clothes, sandals or water-repelling shoes due to the water areas.
  • You had better wash the fruits before enjoying.
  • Before buying anything, you may make sure the usage date, the origin.

In conclusion, Mekong delta tour 1 day can become your best tour thank to your attitude. Love your life and you will love any landscapes in your eyes.

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