There are many types of cruise in Halong Bay that one can ask for. Whether you are a couple visiting for a wedding anniversary or on a family vacation, treat yourself to a holiday to experience the splendor of Halong with all the best services offered on board. With the accumulated years in traveling, Travel Sense Asia offers the luxury itinerary on the cruise in Halong Bay in two days including the strange caves, the floating villages and the entertainments.


  • Soaking in the atmosphere of this incredible landscape includes strange caves, floating village
  • Indulging in the superb facilities of your luxury cruise boat
  • Spending time in the water, swimming to white-sand beaches or kayaking to underwater caves.
  • Join the exciting activities at night on cruise
  • Experience some adventure games in the entertainment park


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On the first day
7:00 a.m – 7:30 a.m: Wake up early and have a breakfast before starting the journey.
There are two options for you to transfer from Hanoi to Halong Bay. If you want to save time and save the energy you can depart by the plane. But the method is more expensive than another. The second option is by bus which takes 3.5 hours to catch up Hon Gai port.
11:00 a.m: After arriving in Tuan Chau island, if you want to grace the Halong Bay from above, let’s book the trip by seaplane.
11:30 a.m – 12:00 a.m: Following to your tour guide, you will check in the board on the cruise.
There are three famous luxury brands of cruise in Halong like Paradise Cruise, Au Co Cruise, and Aphrodite Cruise. As a result, you will take a lot of advantages. One of these is you will be guided by the experience tour guide who speaks English very well. Therefore, you will understand the history of destinations and be explained your questions.
About the quality of services of the cruises listed in this range is the very best amenities that you can find in 4 or 5 stars hotels: jacuzzi, spa service, comfortable bedding, exquisite food, safe box in the room. the cruise also provides the good accommodation for guests. Clearly, there are many convenient equipped in the cabins such as air-conditioned, ensuite twin cabins, hot and cold running water; en-suite bathrooms with powerful showers; an elegant dining room. The wifi system is also provided for guests to be easy update your photographs on the internet. Not only that, the cruise also offers the entertainment system as the licensed bar; a courteous crew; and a sun-tanning area and relaxation deck. Especially, in the evening, you can choose some activities to participate in the list including squid fishing, karaoke, music, film, chat,… One of the most attractive activities is squid fishing which you will be equipped the necessary relative tools.

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All the cruises can be done in both forms of the private and joining group. Besides big boat, there are also small boats with a limited number of cabins (01 to 04 cabins/boat). This is perfect for couples on honeymoon, family on vacation and a group of friends on holiday. In this case, you can ask the tour guide to have a dinner, event, celebration. Thus, it brings the romantic and meaning for you in the trip. Halong Bay excursions are famous with a variety of seafood. You can choose the foods you like and the chef cooks them for you.

12:30 a.m – 17:00 a.m: While enjoying the lunch, you visit some caves on the road to Cua Van village which is definitely one of the most scenics around the world. Cua Van is the largest fishing village in Bai Tu Long. The fishermen live in floating houses and activity on the boat. Their floating houses look spacious and clean. Coming here, you have a chance to approach the life of local people as well as their traditional culture and customs, the often overlooked main characters of the World Heritage Area of Halong Bay. You can take photos of this floating fishing village, colorful raft houses, and immerse yourself in the rustic lifestyle of Cua Van. As a result, this village has become one of the best tourist attractions and has been presented in the itinerary of almost all tourist agencies.
17:30 a.m – 19:00 a.m: Return to your cruise and have a bath then relax as the sun starts to set. You can join a cooking demonstration on the sundeck to learn more about the local cuisine before having the dinner. Then the dinner is served.
19:30 a.m – 22 a.m: Have a free time join the particular activities on the cruise. Additionally, you should participate the outdoor activities on the cruise. For example, the squid fishing is the most popular activity of travelers at night. In the squid season, you could catch about 30 squids for each fishing night. You could use the squids caught for making dishes. It is very interesting! Otherwise, with a little bit alcohol yeast, everyone will become enthusiastics and excited dancers and singers, so you will like singing Karaoke or dancing.

On the second day

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6:30 a.m – 7:00 a.m: Start your second day in the 2 days Halong Bay tour from Hanoi with Tai Chi exercise on the sundeck. Tai Chi is a combination of deep breathing and relaxation with slow, deliberate movements, meditation, and breathing exercises. Tai chi is very good for your healthy and safe for all ages and fitness levels. This session is a great benefit for relaxation and wakes up your body in the morning. It is a very practical way for you to refresh from a mind.
7:00 a.m – 9:00 a.m: Catch morning view of seascapes with a cup of tea or coffee and have breakfast.

Starting the itinerary on a cruise, you can visit some strange caves such as Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung grotto, Ti Top island,… Sung Sot cave is located in the center of Halong Bay’s heritage zone and lies on Bo Hon Island group. And some caves surround Sung Sot cave are the Bo Nau Cave, Me Cung Cave, Luon Cave, and Ti Top Island. Sung Sot Cave is one of the largest cave as its size of 12.200 square meters. Currently, it is attractive by many natural images as the marks of that fierce battle. This cave is typical for karst caves on Halong Bay and has high scientific value in the field of geology. The formation process of the cave creates a lot of interesting images of human and animals in varying poses. Greatly, the sightseeing into the cave is very interesting with huge spaces revealed after narrow lines. Of course, you come from surprise to surprise, that’s why It is named as Surprising or Amazing Cave.
Secondly, another destination in the itinerary on the cruise in Halong Bay which you shouldn’t miss is Thien Cung Cave. This cave is one of the most magical caves as its name which situated to the southwest side the bay. You are impressive by the animated and splendid beauty made from a stalactite. Especially, there is a grandiose picture with characters of heroic tales on the east wall of the grotto. Surely, coming Thien Cung cave the once is enough for you have a sensation of just having seen a unique, meticulous, interesting fine-art museum which is created by nature. The pictures are beyond imagination, ability, and intellect of the human beings.

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11.30 a.m: You will be picked up to Sun World Park which is the largest tourist- recreational complex of Vietnam. There are three main things you should experience in the new park. Firstly, Sun Wheel is the ideal place for the travelers to stare at the unrivaled panoramic view of Halong Bay – the World Heritage of Vietnam. By the wheel, you certainly can enjoy the breathtaking scenery from above with the height of 250m. Secondly, you should try to the strange feeling with Queen Cable Car pass through the Cua Luc Bay gateway which responds two points such as the highest passenger capacity in a cable cabin with 230 people a cabin and the tallest cable car tower with 188.88 meters. Thirdly, Zen Garden is charming with the beauty of nature. And you can join the many interesting activities, adventure games in other places.

6.00 p.m: Ending the luxury itinerary on the cruise in Halong Bay in 2 days and coming back to Hanoi city.


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